Ninne Pelladatha Daily Serial Starring Pratap, Mrudula and Anusha Hegde


Ninne Pelladatha Daily Serial

Ninne Pelladatha is a Telugu family daily serial played on Zee Telugu. Pratap, Mrudula, Anusha Hegde, and Bhoomi Shetty are playing lead roles in the serial. Ramji is the director of the serial. It is running successfully in one year and increase the audience to the serial.

The theme of serial is revolves around an innocent girl, Mrudula, who tries her best to unite the Arjun and Brahmani feuding families.

Arjun Prasad marries Bharathi and returns home where he learns of his sister’s (Brahmani) marriage with the planned groom being called off. Brahmani blames the fate of her marriage on the newlywed bride, Bharathi. She agrees to get married to someone else but challenges herself to never return home. As the narrative progresses, Vasantha, the wife of a railway mechanic, saves Arjun and Bharathi’s lives when they get stuck one night on the railway track, pertaining to the negligence of her drunk husband.

Vasantha delivers a baby girl (Mrudula) and the husband plans to sell her for money. Arjun immediately decides to adopt the daughter when he finds out, and Vasantha, in exchange for saving their lives. Mrudula is brought up like a daughter, along with Manasi the daughter of Arjun and Bharathi.

Brahmani’s son Madhu grows up to become a rock star in college and Manasi begins developing feelings for him. Mrudula sees this as an opportunity to patch both the families with Manasi and Madhu getting married. Being persistent, Mrudula writes songs for Madhu in Manasi’s name but Madhu eventually falls for the writer with the wonderful lyrics.

This serial telecasted in Zee Telugu Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 2.30 Pm and also this is available on Streaming Zee5 and Jio TV.


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