4 Reasons Why Chromebooks are Perfect for Young Students



If you’re a parent and are looking for a laptop for school for one of your children, Chromebooks should be at the top of your list. Not everyone knows this, but Chromebooks were largely made with the education sector in mind and have everything a young student would want and need. Not to mention that manufacturers have been refining their models and there are very few things that you can do on a regular laptop that you can’t do on a Chromebook today. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Chromebooks are perfect for young students.

Compact Form Factor

Most Chromebooks are under the 14″ mark and while they may seem small for some adults, they are the perfect size for children. The keyboards are compact which makes them perfect for small hands and the screens are just big enough for younger students.

Another benefit of the small form factor is the lightness of these machines. The average Chromebook weighs only around two pounds, and you have models like the Asus Flip C100 that only weigh 1.6 pounds. A MacBook Pro, in comparison, weighs around three pounds. This makes Chromebooks a better option for small children who didn’t have the time to develop enough strength yet.

They’re Affordable

Another thing that makes Chromebooks so good as introductory laptops is the fact that they tend to be very cheap. This means that you won’t have to worry too much about your child breaking theirs.

You can find a very good Chromebook for well under $300 these days. You even have a unit selling for as low as $99.00 right now. They might not be the most powerful on the planet, but they would be more than good enough if your kid is in elementary school. If you’d like to see a selection of affordable Chromebooks, you should visit lenovo.com.

You Have Protection Against Loss

One of the great things about Chromebooks is that they work with the cloud synergistically, and every piece of work and document can be backed up instantly to the cloud. So, if your child’s laptop gets broken, stolen, or lost, you’ll be able to get everything back in seconds once you get a new one.

All you’ll have to do is get a new Chromebook and use the child’s Google account credentials. From now on, you’ll only have to tap a few buttons and the computer will have the same setup as it used to along with all the files. 

Schools Love them

You shouldn’t have to worry about your Chromebook not being compatible with the tools the school uses since most schools prepare their programs with Chromebooks in mind. Tons of schools in this country outright favor Chromebooks and will recommend them as an option for parents, especially those with a more limited budget, so you shouldn’t have to think about compatibility issues.

As you can see, Chromebooks can be a great option for young students, and they could be a good option for older students too. If you have ever been apprehensive about buying one, we suggest you find out what they’re truly about and start looking at a few models right away.