Bail bond basics – Things that the defendant’s family need to know

Bail bond basics – Things that the defendant’s family need to know
Bail bond basics – Things that the defendant’s family need to know

Is it the first time that your loved one is in jail? If yes, chances are you are new to the bail bond process. And you need to demystify the entire bail bond process. It would be best if you went about it in an organized manner and ways to avoid the pitfalls. Today, there are several bail bond companies and agents willing to help you. Before you approach for help, you need to get a few concepts clear. below in this article, we will cover the Bail bond basics – Things that the defendant’s family need to know.

Understanding a bail

If your loved one has committed a serious crime, then the police might declare jail time for him/her. You need to post a bail bond to get the person out of jail. This cash deposit gets kept in a secure place till the time the loved one appears in court. Once they make the court appearance, the amount gets returned.

Understanding a bail bond

Is it difficult for you to pay for the bail? If yes, then you can approach a friend or a relative to post the bail bond for you. Simply put, the bail bond is the commitment made by the bail bond company or agent. The company or agent commits to pay the bail amount when the defendant doesn’t show up at the court. Usually, a bail bond company or agent commits to the process after getting collateral as well as the 10% bail amount premium from the co-signer. The moment you make a court appearance, this collateral gets returned to the individual who helped in the bail process. However, the 10% bail premium remains with the agent or the company. To know more about, check Castle Bail Bonds Warren County Ohio

The bail cost

The bail cost always varies from one company/agent to the other. Also, the bail gets decided by the judge depending on the crime or other factors. Some of the least severe require zero bail.  The bail also gets reversed for defendants who have committed dangerous crimes. The lowest of the bail amount sometimes go as much as a couple of hundred dollars.

The process of bail bond

When a person gets arrested, usually, they are permitted a phone call. They can make this call to a family person who can facilitate the bail bond. The individual who secures the bond is known as the co-signer, and they need to get in touch with a bail bond company or agent. To free a person from jail, it is essential to provide necessary details while applying for bail. The details comprise the full name of the defendant, the jail address they are present in, and the booking number.

Also, the co-signer might require collateral, for instance, a car or home. The collateral amount needed depends on the bailing amount. Also, the bail bond company or agent can discuss the same with the co-signer to ease the entire process.

What is a bail hearing?

When a person gets held up in jail for a dangerous crime, the bail amount gets decided at the bail hearing. The defendant isn’t allowed to move out of the jail until the bail hearing process gets over, and the bail amount gets fixed.

Once the defendant’s family knows of these details, they can decide on the bail bond process better.