How To Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error – Ultimate Guide


Fix Your Windows license will expire soon error

This is one of those annoying situations you may face when using the Windows 10 OS. On a day when all seems well with your computer, you may all of a sudden see a message flash at the bottom-right of your desktop saying “Your Windows license will expire soon. This could throw one in a frenzied state of confusion. Here you will find how to fix your windows license will expire soon error.

How to check Windows activation status

  • Step1: Open File Explorer.
  • Step2: On the left pane, right-click on “This-PC” or your computer name if you have one customized. This brings up some other options. Select the “Properties” option.
  • Step3: At the bottom of the System control panel applet, under Windows activation, the activation status is displayed. If you have an activated system and have encountered the “Windows will expire soon” issue, then you should try these solutions.

How To Fix Your Windows license will expire soon error

Reset Windows License Status.

Firstly, if you have recently activated Windows. And, Your Microsoft Windows License Will Expire Soon message coming. Then, you have to reset your license status. You can do it with a single command line.

  • Step1: Click on the Start button and search for CMD.
  • Step2: Right-Click on command prompt, and then click on “run as administrator”.
  • Step3: In CMD, type slmgr –rearm and then press enter.
  • Step4: Within a few second you will receive a message. Like, Command Completed Successfully.
  • Step5: After that, you have to restart your Windows to change License Status.

Restart Windows Explorer Process.

If your Windows is already activated, but still “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” message coming. Then, by restarting the Windows Explorer process you can vanish this error message.

  • Step1: Press Windows + X key simultaneously. Or, Right-Click on the start button in Windows 10.
  • Step2: Click on Task Manager.
  • Step3: Look for “Windows Explorer” in the processes tab. Right-click on Windows Explorer and then click on “End Task”.
  • Step4: In Task Manager, Go to file and then click on Run new task option.
  • Step5: In create a new task tab, type explorer.exe, and, click on OK.

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