How To Convert Facebook Video to MP4 and Download


Nowadays, Video became the number one medium for sharing ideas and knowledge. Video Sharing platforms like youtube, twitter, vimeo and Dailymotion have become very popular and he most followed platforms on the internet.  Video has taken over the Social Media platforms like Facebook where text and Pictures were ruling earlier.


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We all share hundreds of videos with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media profiles. Often it happens that you find a great video on these platforms but you can only watch, but not download.

facebook to mp4 video converter
facebook to mp4 video converter

Unfortunately, when it comes to Facebook also, it does not have a feature that enables you to download their videos online. Online video converter softwares can come to your rescue in these scenarios. Some of these online Video converter tools are available for Free as well. We have gone through list of such tools and sharing with you here.  enables you to convert that Facebook video to MP4 and save it to your desktop or share it on your mobile. This website provides a simple interface and clear instructions where you can copy any online video from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other interesting videos and download online for free.

Convert Facebook Video to MP4

Their Facebook video to MP4  online converter tool supports all pe of videos from Facebook and works seamlessly. The video is converted to HD Quality MP4 and other quality video formats for you to download.

The HD video converter service is FREE and you don’t need to do a registration or do any software download. There are no limits to the usage of Facebook to MP4 video converter. Converting is done super fast which means you can download and save the file to your computer, tablet or mobile phones without wasting your valuable time.

Note: Now you can freely use the video for personal purposes or share with your friends on other social media. There is no limit to how many videos you can download and convert. The only limitation is that we cannot convert copyrighted videos.

Other type of Converters

  • Instagram Video Downloader Online to Convert Instagram Video to MP4
  • YouTube Video Downloader Online to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4
  • VK Video Downloader Online that Converts VK Videos to MP4 HD format
  • Vimeo Video Downloader Online to Convert Vimeo Video to MP4 format
  • OK.RU Video Downloader Online to Convert OK.RU Video to MP4 HD format
  • Dailymotion Downloader Online to Convert Dailymotion Video to MP4
  • Twitter Downloader Online to Convert Twitter Video to MP4 format

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