Top Trends in the US Health and Wellness Industry in 2020


In 2019 all the rage was on CBD oils,  intermittent fasting, and meditation. Because they were the most talked about and dominated the industry for quite some time. Here, you can get information about Top Trends in the US Health and Wellness Industry in 2020.

As we surpass the first quarter of 2020, below are the things influencing the health and wellness industry. And those that might take the mantle for the rest of the year.

Covid 19

The COVID 19 pandemic is having the most significant impact on the health and wellness industry in the US. The virus is spreading rapidly like wildfire across the country and destroying everything in its wake. Almost every state in the country is held under the clutches of this virus, which isn’t in the mood of sparing anyone.

Meanwhile, no one knew it would upend the US healthcare system as it has, and it’s still not done.

This Coronavirus will continue to impact the US economy for many years to come. The current phase of the US economy is compared to the times of the great depression. It will be the most significant trend in the US health and wellness industry this year. Covid 19 almost took the US health industry like a storm and it will certainly take some amount of doing to return to normalcy.

Tech and wearable device

Tech and wearable devices are progressing beyond fitness. Expect this trend to push forwards even further as users find more ways to increase workplace productivity. Wearable devices improve job satisfaction by 3%, according to a recent study. So expect them to be more ingrained into our office daily lives.

Achieving a life to work balance will be a trend to look out for in 2020. And wearable devices will be at the center of this achievement.


Skincare will be a $180 billion industry in 5 years, which is a 30% climb from 2018 and a 30% incline is not something we witness in our daily lives. Major brands have seen their skincare products surpass their cosmetic line in 2019 and expect this to continue in 2020. More women are getting into their skincare than before. Significant brands are following the pattern as well. A big player like Uniliver has acquired and created over ten skincare focused brands. Skincare industry will never witness a great dip even in most challenging environment, because we never going to witness a day when women will stop caring for their skins.

Healthy Eating

This may not be a new trend per se, but expect it to continue some more in 2020. Furthermore, ‘generation z’ is firmly sticking behind this trend. And with advances in service delivery, expect healthier choices to be the main food items and not vice versa.

As a side note, alternative foods become a big hit in 2019 with meatless burgers. Expect to see meatless chicken and other meatless alternatives at your local fast-food chain in 2020. This can be considered as an outcome of the ‘go vegan’ trend going on around the world.

All in all, 2020 has had a rocky start with the Covid 19 pandemic. Butthings are expected to get back on track and, we shall move on to a prosperous year ahead.

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