Top Health and Wellness Trends in the UK in 2020

We are actively trying to live a longer life. It’s a natural instinct to look for lifelong wellness and this is probably why the health and wellness industry is a £2.8 trillion behemoth globally. Furthermore, British consumers will spend £487 annually on their health and wellness by 2022. Here you can find the details about top health and wellness trends in the UK in 2020.

Wellness encompasses a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Erring at any of the three fronts won’t constitute true wellness. The below trends will help drive Britons to a state of nirvana.

Health Tech

Techs, including wearable devices, are not just for health reasons anymore. They have entered the workplace and are helping with productivity improvements. Moreover, studies are showing how wearable devices influence the workplace in the UK.

Employers can now gauge productivity and compare it to data provided by their employees. As a result, discerning this data and combining it with goals, and quotas. In addition to other metrics makes for a more productive worker. A little investment in the Heath technology today will bring fruitful returns in the coming days.

Mental Health


In this fast-paced era mental wellbeing is the forgotten cog when we talk about health and wellness. But more and more Britons are starting to get familiar with the trend.

Meditation, yoga, and other forms of mental wellness are growing, so expect this not only to continue but to grow exponentially in 2020.

Sleeping pods

Are you getting enough sleep? The importance of a good night’s sleep has been on the front burner of many wellness programs. But if you can’t get enough sleep at night, how about a power nap during the day? Most people have started to show faith in the concept of power naps, and this stat will grow for sure.

A quick pop to one of Pop & Rest’s power nap pods in Holborn and Old Street could be the answer. It only costs £8 for 30 minutes, and you can book your times on their website at

More CBD

The CBD fascination is here to stay, and it will grow in the coming year. Because more and more products are being added every day, a limitless number of choices will whet your appetite. CBD is not just about vaping anymore, with skincare lines to lip glosses and chocolates. But have a look at the legality of the CBD products you are buying, because they might bring troubles to you.

DNA Testing


It used to be that you would only worry about your DNA when trying to trace your ancestors, not anymore. DNA testing has more and people are trying to tailor their health based on their profiles. This is to maximize their overall wellness. As more people get an education on DNA testing, expect this trend to keep growing.

Nathan Berkley, CEO of Muhdo Health, one of the top proponents of DNA testing, explains it like this. DNA and epigenetics testing is used to inform you of the nuances of your internal health. Thereafter, you can tailor your diet and fitness regime to target your body’s impact directly.