Dealing with Absenteeism Among Employees

Dealing with Absenteeism Among Employees
Dealing with Absenteeism Among Employees

You might not see absenteeism among employees as a huge deal. Emergencies happen, and employees have to prioritise the needs of their families. Although there are valid absences, some of them might be absent for no reason. If you notice that a lot of employees call in sick more often, it’s time for you to do something about it. Frequent absences could impact the company’s overall productivity. 

Create an attendance policy

You need to be clear about your attendance policy. Before your employees sign a contract, they need to know what the policy indicates. It tells them if the allowable absences are reasonable enough. You want them to feel that you have fair policies. Otherwise, they can opt not to accept the job. 

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Address unscheduled absences immediately

If your employees ask for permission to be absent ahead of time, it’s understandable. They’re professional by letting you know when they will be absent and for what reason. You can also reassign specific tasks. However, if there are unscheduled absences and your employees didn’t even send a message, you have to address it immediately. You need to know why it happened. It could be due to an understandable reason. If not, you have to know why, and at least reprimand your employee for preventing the same action. 

Give your employees enough break

You might have an environment at work where employees feel tortured. They have to go to work early and leave very late at night. It’s not right for you to expect a lot from them to the point that they can barely breathe. Give them enough time to relax and recharge. 

You can even have a day off after the company achieved a milestone. During this day, employees go to the office but not for work. You can partner with funfair stalls for hire. It’s a day where employees can have fun and enjoy everything that the funfair has to offer. Family members can also come and join the celebration. For those celebrations, if you need balloons then click here for Balloons Online. When you get back to work the next day, everyone will feel more relaxed and motivated to work harder. 

Reward positive behaviour

It also helps if you have a system of rewarding employees who rarely go absent. Let them know that you see their positive behaviour, and you want them to keep doing well. Offering incentives and salary bumps are an excellent idea. It motivates them to avoid absences unless necessary. However, you need to ensure that this reward system doesn’t force employees to show up for work even if they feel ill. 

There’s nothing wrong in being absent to deal with other vital matters. You even do the same thing. The problem is if employees start to come up with reasons for being absent. It’s even worse when they fail to return tasks on time because they’re behind in everything that they do. You can call their attention and discuss if there are other reasons for their behaviour.  Show your employees that you also care about them.