5 Reasons Why You Need Security Guards at the Construction Site

5 Reasons Why You Need Security Guards at the Construction Site
5 Reasons Why You Need Security Guards at the Construction Site

Many construction site owners or supervisors are wondering if they need security services to protect the property. It may seem unnecessary since most of the time, workers are on-site. However, such an approach can result in significant losses. Workers are usually too busy with their duties to deal with safety issues and protect the construction site. And there’s a lot to protect – valuable equipment, building materials, tools, and vehicles. What’s more, the traffic on every construction site is heavy, and in consequence, very challenging to control. It includes contractors, workers, investors, and suppliers. So it’s not easy to restrict access. Below, in this article, you can find the details about 5 reasons why you need security guards at the construction site.

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Having in mind these circumstances, it’s no surprise that more and more companies decide to use security services for construction site safety. It’s a smart choice that is entirely justified. Prevention is always the best approach, and experienced security guards can definitely help with that. Here are the main risks related to the construction site security, together with the ways guards can minimise or avoid them.

1. Vandalism and theft

Due to the high value of equipment, tools, and materials on construction sites, theft and vandalism are the most common issues there. The machinery is on-site even during the night, and a lot of material is stocked there. It attracts thieves and hooligans who see the construction site as an easy target – unwatched and full of valuable equipment, only protected by a chain or locker.

Theft incurs enormous costs for construction site owners and can sometimes stop the construction for months until the necessary tools are replaced. In the case of small companies, the budget may even be insufficient to cover the loss. It’s much more efficient to hire security guards before any incident occurs. Security services also incur expenses, but they are incomparably lower than the costs of replacing equipment.

Security guards deter potential thieves or vandals and can regularly patrol the construction site to make sure tools and materials are secure. Since they are always on-site,  they can also react if someone tries to steal something or vandalise the building.

Vandalism and theft

2. Access management

Construction sites are extremely busy most of the day, with a lot of people entering and leaving them all the time. It would be difficult to close the construction site and delegate workers to check who wants to enter the property. They would have to stop working every time a supplier brings building materials, or a sub-contractor comes to work. Such an approach is completely ineffective. Instead, a company should hire a security guard to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the construction site. Professional security guards are focused and vigilant, so they can easily control the traffic around entrance points, ensure that only accredited staff can access the place and, additionally, direct people to the right locations.

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The access restriction also applies to homeless people who often want to spend the night at the empty construction site, as well as to any other persons trying to trespass the property when it’s unattended by the workers. Even though homeless trespassing is not as damaging for the construction site, it’s undesirable and can be dangerous for the homeless people themselves.

3. Accidents and employees’ safety

A construction site is a high-risk environment when it comes to accidents at work. Employees often have to carry heavy objects, work with electricity, use dangerous tools and work at height. Sometimes they also have to work despite the adverse weather conditions. All these circumstances result in frequent work accidents, both minor and severe.

Having a security guard on-site can be highly beneficial in such cases. They are experienced in handling emergencies quickly and effectively. So they always keep a cool head and react appropriately to the situation. Guards also know how to provide First Aid, so they can be of great help while waiting for the arrival of medical assistance.

While the right reactions are crucial, security guards help prevent accidents in the first place. Their responsibilities can include patrolling the construction site and monitoring if all safety precautions are followed.

4. Fire hazard

Every workplace is exposed to various natural hazards; however, for construction sites, the highest risk is related to fires. There’s everything a fire needs – wood, exposed cables, electricity, reconstruction, soldering, and sawing. And on top of that, it’s difficult to establish strict safety and evacuation procedures, since the construction site changes every day or even every hour. So, a tiny spark is enough to cause a considerable loss.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent that. Having qualified security guards on-site significantly reduces the risk of fires. They are always on the lookout for any irregularities and pay attention to every detail that could lead to a fire. And even if the fire does happen, they know how to react. Security guards can notify appropriate services and coordinate the evacuation. Many of them are also trained in first aid.  

5. Employees and their duties

Finally, a good security guard can be a great help for the owner of the construction site. While investors can’t always be there to watch employees and supervise their work, security guards can do it for them. It doesn’t mean guards should act as supervisors, but being a neutral party, employed by the security agency, they can provide impartial opinions. Already their presence is enough to motivate workers to do their job and increase their productivity. It also prevents employees from being late for work or even stealing materials, as unfortunately sometimes it happens, too.

 As you can see, construction sites are exposed to many risks that can be avoided or at least reduced by hiring security guards. They protect the site itself, as well as ensure safety for people working there. Having experienced and well-trained security guards on-site can prevent theft and vandalism, and help you control the traffic on the property. At Angleside, we provide a wide range of services, and construction site security is one of them. Our guards are prepared to protect your place and your employees, so don’t wait for an accident or theft to occur. Invest in your safety.