Wrinkle cream that works like botox: Boxtlak-BL

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Boxtlak-BL is the pinnacle of anti-aging technology. This cream works with other synergic agents in a liquid crystal format to facilitate a better infiltration of the upper skin layer. Boxtlak will not paralyze your facial muscles as other more trespassing injection therapies do.But it rather focuses on the neurotransmitters found just below the surface of the skin. Wrinkle cream that works like botox and makes it easier for Boxtlak. To relax facial expressions and improve the look and feel of your lines, wrinkles and facial sagging, thus contributing to a younger and healthier-looking skin. 

Product Specification

TypeSkin Cream
Packaging Size20 g
Packaging TypeTube
Medicine TypeAllopathic
Dose FormCream
Minimum Order Quantity100 Strips

How to use Boxtlak-BL cream? 

Clean and dry the skin before each use. Apply Boxtlak-BL cream 2 times per day. It reduces facial lines, wrinkles & age-related neck degeneration. Lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable Helps smoothing out furrows & expression lines.


  1. No documented side effects
  2. Non-invasive and painless
  3. It is fortified with Peptides and other skin care ingredients
  4. scientifically proven excessive catecholamine release
  5. Made of an effective combination of skin firming agents, such as elasticizes and skin hydrators
  6. The skin appears more tight and firm after each use.

 Key Ingredients

  • BoNT-L peptide
  • Palmitoyl Hexapeptide
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Centella Asiatica
  • Allantoin
  • Alpha Lipoic

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