A Perfect Wedding


A perfect wedding

The wedding day is destined to become one of the most important dates in a couple’s life, a moment of joy to be celebrated in the best possible way and to be remembered over time by recalling the emotions and happiness of that day. The preparations represent an important moment to give the wedding quality and perfection. But how do you organize a perfect wedding? Here are some tips and some etiquette rules, provided by Ganci Farm (a wedding location in Liguria, Italy), to avoid making mistakes.

Let’s start with compiling the guest list. It is important to remember to consult the parents: it often happens that we forget an uncle, cousin, or relative and the risk of making a bad impression is just around the corner. It is also advisable to establish how many friends to invite: never favor one group over another. The rule is either all or none.

To have a perfect wedding you need the presence of a perfect bride. The bride’s look shouldn’t be overlooked, indeed it should be taken care of starting a few months before the wedding. It would be better to avoid changing hair color a few months after the wedding and, on the wedding day, be careful about using non-water resistant cosmetics: at the first tear, you can say goodbye to your perfect wedding. Tradition then wants the bride not to use rings, bracelets, or watches: earrings are allowed to match the dress and in any case sober.

Are there rules for clothes too? Of course, if you want a perfect wedding, you can’t not wear perfect clothes. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes. For the bride: no to wedding dresses with long trains if there are no bridesmaids, no cascading bouquet if you have a petite look, no gloves worn during the ceremony. For the groom: no tuxedo, double-breasted suit, cuffed trousers, short or white socks, any type of jewel. The only concessions: family ring (for offspring weddings), tie pin, double cufflinks on the cuff of the shirt and the watch, as long as it is hidden by the cuff.

Some tricks will allow you to organize a perfect wedding starting from the choice of the type of reception. Dinner or cocktails? Lunch or dance? The wedding reception lends itself to many variations that reflect the tastes of the spouses and often also the wallet. Those getting married in the morning can opt for the traditional lunch or for original refreshments. For a wedding in the afternoon, instead, you can choose dinner. The more worldly could also choose a cocktail or a buffet, followed by an evening of dancing.

Whatever your choice, remember to take into consideration the affinity between the guests when assigning seats at the table. It is also advisable to avoid the classic “cut of the tie”: a very common tradition but not very suitable if you want to keep the wedding style intact.
Then there are the flowers, delicate and colorful, which certainly contribute to the creation of a perfect wedding. The church, the bride’s house and the reception area are decorated to perfection to make the wedding atmosphere magical and special. The choice of wedding flowers is vast: it can range from wild flowers, for a perfect wedding in the countryside, to tulips, freesias, calla lilies, camellias, orchids and of course roses. Even for flowers, however, some rules must be observed: it is better to avoid too intense perfumes or exotic flowers if you are getting married in winter.

For wedding invitations, place cards and tableau de mariage, remember that they must be made using the same style or the same main theme of the wedding. It is important to keep in mind that it is not appropriate to send the wedding list together with the invitations.
In conclusion, brief tips for wedding favors. The wedding favors must contain five sugared almonds per bag, if one is delivered for each family unit but two in the case of engaged couples. The guests are given favors identical to each other; for parents and witnesses you can choose more particular and important objects. The choice of the type of favor is also free, it reflects the personal tastes of the married couple.