Use of Appointment reminder software in the Spa industry

Use of Appointment reminder software in the Spa industry
Use of Appointment reminder software in the Spa industry

Appointment management software’s are software’s mainly used for helping individuals and businesses to perform activities according to their set timelines for significant events such as appointments and bookings. The software is categorized under Scheduling software purposely used to operate on scheduled tasks. Scheduling software may refer to. below in this article, we will cover the Use of Appointment reminder software in the Spa industry.

  1. Employee scheduling software.
  2. Appointment scheduling software.
  3. Job scheduler.

This software is so profound for the general running of your business such as spas. You shall be able to understand its general application below.

Application in the Spa industry

Software without a doubt has revolutionized many industries. The spa industry is being one of that is highly competitive has well adopted new technologies. Software’s such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to manage customer data and assist them with any issues that may arise. Many spas have their own tailor-made websites and apps that make it much easier for customers to access their services such as booking appointments, view available facilities, prices of services among others. 

How are appointments managed?

Mobile apps and websites are used primarily by customers. In order for the user to book an appointment, the CRM software which usually has appointment management capabilities is linked to the app or website via various Application Programming interfaces (APIs). The APIs than to make available data such as appointment dates to the customer databases. Most commonly users also have the option of booking appointments via phone calls. This information is updated on the appointment reminder software & also in the clients database.

How is the client reminded of appointments?

Reminder Systems are used to achieve this.

  1. Appointment Management software’s. Tailor made to automate reminders by sending text messages or emails, when appointment dates mature.
  2. Usually on the day of or prior to the appointment, customer service agents could call the client to confirm their booking. This is usually based on information from a CRM, client database or Appointment Management software.
  3. The apps are also equipped with algorithms that automatically alert users of appointment dates. 
  4. In this era of Artificial Intelligence, many people opt to inform virtual assistants such as Siri for IPhone users and Google Assistant for android users about their appointments.
  5. Third party apps such as the Google calendar and Outlook Calendar are also used. They are classified under reminder software’s and in some cases are heavily integrated with Appointment management systems.

Other Functions performed by the software’s

Reminder call services

With this service, customers are frequently contacted to follow up on their attendance and approval of their coming. This ensures a 100% clarity of the customer’s attendance list.

Spa online bookings

This enables the clients to set their preferred time to be attended to, with ease and comfortability. 

Templates for spa and hair reminders are auto operated. They provide a quick alert for the clients in order to be informed of their schedule.

Some such as zenoti also offer a point of sale services and act as a CRM.

Why invest in appointment management software for your spa?

They provide flexibility by enabling clients to book their appointments during odd hours.

Ensure efficient use of time as appointments can be quickly adjusted and clients alerted in good time.

They offer a variety of other services that are essential to the spa such as customer relationship management.

Saves on human resource required especially customer service agents.

They can automatically manage appointment cancelations and adjust set times.

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Cons of using such software’s especially in the spa industry.

The spa industry involves a lot of social interaction with clients therefore the use of software to manage appointments doesn’t contribute to building such relationships with clients. Therefore, it is recommended that apart from using client softwares, the owner must ensure that a personal touch is always there for the clients. 

Many applications mentioned above are cloud based and are referred to as SaaS (Software as a service) has got its own limitation. 

Hacking- This affects the business negatively as business accounts and its accessibility may be contained by unauthorized personnel who may make business industries to incur losses.

  1. Accessibility- of internet might be a factor that affects the performance of a business. This is because it’s not all individuals who can afford the gadgets for accessing the internet services.
  2. With SaaS, there is lack of proper control of the business because the internet providers are different from the internet users. 

The negative effects of the software notwithstanding, the benefits it provides far outweighs any perceivable harm and in fact can be a wonderful aid in improving the success of your spa.