Things To Do On A Long USA To Delhi Flight

Things To Do On A Long USA To Delhi Flight
Things To Do On A Long USA To Delhi Flight

International flights are a fun experience. The long journey keeps the travels psyched up and excited. In case of direct flights like direct flights to Delhi from the USA, there are no stops midways through the long haul plane trip. So much time onboard a plane with no Internet and WiFi can turn out dull and monotonous. When traveling on a plane for such long durations, it becomes hard to keep oneself occupied and not get bored. There is only so much straight-up sleeping that a person can comfortably enjoy. This is where the need to do something fun and entertaining arises. There are many things to do on long-haul flights when with a group. The same may not be valid for a solo traveler.  Either way, there are a bunch of things a person can do on a plane to avoid the monotony of white clouds and candescent lighting in the cabin. 

Books Are The Best Companion

There are some people who do not like reading an interesting novel. The reason why books and novels are considered human’s best companion is pretty easy to decipher. There is hardly any constraint on the amount of time one can spend reading a sweet story. It is not necessary to have a fiction novel to enjoy reading. Some people prefer the deep thoughts and innovative ideas that a non-fiction book holds. When alone on the long USA to Delhi flight, it is better to take a book along. Some people like reading on a tablet or their smartphone. But is it preferable to have a hard copy? Reading from hard copy does not put much strain on the eyes for prolonged reading. One can use the time on the plane in a fun way by reading the book they have not been able to read for a long time.

Movies Make Time Pass By Faster

For those who do not enjoy reading, the next best thing to go for are movies. Watching a movie onboard a flight is another exciting thing to do. There are many movies to watch, and the idle time on a direct flight to Delhi from the USA can be well utilized with a beautiful movie marathon. Many movies have a collection of sequels as well. Watching sequel after sequel and enjoying the plane journey is an exciting way to spend time on a long plane trip. The best way to watch a movie is to download it beforehand. Planes do not have an internet connection. It, therefore, serves best to take these movies offline and watch on a smartphone or laptop as liked best.   

Have Some Game To Play On Board

For people traveling in a group on a direct flight to Delhi from the USA, there are even more fun things to do. There comes a time when even a large group of travelers gets tired of talking chatting together. This is where a good card or board game can come in handy. There are games like regular cards, UNO cards, and everyone’s favorite Monopoly. These games are fun to play and easy to set up even in plane mid-air. Playing games can not only help to have a fun time but also enables people to make new travel memories with loved ones.

Binge Watch Any Favorite Series

For all those series fanatics who like to spend long hours watching one episode after another of popular sitcoms, a long flight is the best time to utilize. There are many series that can be binge-watched easily on the USA to Delhi flight. It is again better to take the episodes offline due to the unavailability of the internet on the plane. The episodes can easily be downloaded on the online streaming apps and watched later. It would not take up device storage and still make the episodes available to watch offline. Watching a series on the plane is one of the most often applied ideas on long flights.

Coloring Books For Adults Are Real

Some people are into crafts and artistic stuff. There are some very artistic things available at the airport. One such thing is the coloring book for adults. These coloring books have amazing landscapes and still life drawing for adults to fill in with pencil colors or paint sketches. This is one interesting pass time for people who like art and crafts. It is becoming very famous lately among adults who fly frequently. The landscapes are beautiful and look great after being wholly filled with colors.

Never Hurts To Catch Up On Work Logs

The long time on a plane can turn into a time waste pretty easily. Some travelers like to stay productive and properly utilize any free time they can get. For consideration, the long-time on a direct flight to Delhi from the USA is a perfect window to catch up on all the unfinished work. People on business trips tend to spend their entire time on the flight going through their work-related agendas and revisiting already made decisions. People who are in the legal or media business can use this time in a very productive way. The time on a plan can be used to catch up on any pending legal reading tasks or to finish up that pending article that is due soon. 

Pen Down The Experience Of The Trip

For the people who like creative writing and blogging, the time on a long flight is useful to revisit the memories of the entire trip. One can easily write a whole write up about the various things they did on tour and places they visited. It is the most common idea for people on a pleasure trip with friends and family or even on a solo trip. There is enough time to go through the pictures of the journey on the USA to Delhi flight. Bloggers who regularly post content about their journeys and experiences can spend their time effectively this way. Writing can make a long trip fun and enjoyable.