What Is Android System Webview – What Does It Do?


Android System Webview

If your phone is running low on space and you are constrained to uninstall a few apps. Whereas, you might wonder if you should keep or delete these system apps. You have no idea about what they do and how important they are. Hence, it is best to leave system apps as they are because deleting them can have a detrimental effect on your phone’s performance. So those who want to know full details about what is Android System Webview read this full article.

Whereas, most of the people don’t know about the system apps and uninstall it. After that, they find some apps and systems are not working properly. Additionally, the system app Android System WebView can be found on your Android device running Android 4.4 or KitKat and above.

What Is Android System Webview

First of all, Android System WebView is a Chrome component that allows apps to show web components. Hence, it shows within the app without opening the browser or closing the app. Whereas, this app lets third-party apps on your Android device open web pages inside the app itself. Whereas, instead of opening the web page on the default browser of your mobile device.

For instance, if you are on any site on your mobile device, clicking on a link would open the web page in an in-app browser instead of opening it in Chrome or Firefox. Whereas, a mini-browser of sorts, it contains all the features of a browser. If you needed to read an article such as navigate history, zoom in and out, text search, scroll up and down, etc.

Before Android System Webview, you would have to leave the chrome app and open the link in a web browser. To navigate back to Chrome, you would have to close the web browser and open the Chrome app again. Whereas, the Android developed the Android System WebView where you don’t have to open the browser; you simply tap the link to open it within the app. If you want to download this system ap-p then you can download it from the play store.

Do we Need To Install Android System Webview or Not?

Naturally, you will probably need the Android System WebView because it was there to cut the extra time of opening and closing the web browser to load web content. Whereas, it’s an important part of the Android mobile operating system that can be disabled or even uninstalled.


Can We disable or uninstall it?

If you have spotted Android System WebView on your device, then you don’t have to do anything as it runs in the background and it automatically executes itself whenever users click on a link that supports WebView. Users can disable or uninstall the app, but it’s not recommended because if you uninstall it then apps will open the default web browser.

Android System Webview 1

Yes, if you are running sort of storage, then you can uninstall it. But, make sure to install it from the Google Play Store later. However, if your device is running Android Oreo, then you don’t really need Android System WebView because Chrome is taking care of WebView from Android Oreo.

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