Top 10 Global Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Top 10 Global Digital Marketing Trends for 2020
Top 10 Global Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

A lot is coming in the digital marketing world in 2020. So you have to know them to protect and grow your brand in the coming year. These are the top 10 global digital marketing trends for 2020.

1. Bots

Artificial intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds, and this has spawned machines that can learn and communicate well with people. With things like chatbots answering customer questions, your online presence is now fully 24/7.

2. Voice search

Google has been pushing into the voice search arena as advances in technology have created things like wearable devices. Cell phone makers are also joining in with virtual assistants like SIRI and Alexa. This has created a need for voice search, and brands must adapt or be left behind.

3. Social eCommerce

Most companies need ways to get their social media followers into their stores. Social media companies have taken notice and are devising ways to let shoppers buy products from social media pages. Google is also doing the same with sales prompts on Serps, so expect this to continue in 2020.

4. Artificial intelligence

More and more companies need AI and big data to learn more about their customers. The seamless integration of these tools will be a crucial driver of commerce in 2020.

5. Conversational marketing

Conversation marketing is another trend we look forward to in 2020. The need for tools like chatbots has made it clear that consumers are not just looking to be sold with traditional tactics. They need to feel the company is addressing their needs immediately.

6. Personalization

When coke started the personalization campaign on their cans a few years back, it was a novel idea, but they knew customers like a personal touch and want to feel unique.

7. Influencers

The data backs it. Nearly 72% of consumers have said they bought something because they saw an influencer was using it on social media. Brands are looking to connect with this trend more than ever.

8. Visual Search

Like voice search, this is an area that is gaining popularity as AI tools expand. Remember how popular the app that would let you hold up your phone to any song, and they recognized it. It’s the same concept but with pictures.

9. Content marketing is king

Content marketing continues to dominate SEO, and this trend will not stop anytime soon. Creating unique marketable content is still the best way to reach would-be consumers.

10. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality was in its infancy a few years ago, but many of the top marketing companies out there have put some money behind it, so expect their efforts to pay fruit in 2020.