Top 2020 Home Decor Trends for American Homes


Top Home Decor Trends for American Homes in 2020

Social media will play a massive role in the US home décor trends of 2020. Sites like Instagram are very valuable arenas when presenting visuals. It is these sites that have moved from serving to influencing.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that when looking for home décor ideas, their first visit to Instagram and YouTube.

If you are looking for the hottest decorating ideas, but don’t know where to start. I would suggest that you visit these sites for inspiration.

Below are the top home décor trends in the US in 2020.

1. Multi-functional spaces

More and more people are looking at reducing wastage, and this has crept into home décor. Furthermore, people don’t want things like closet spaces lying empty. Imagine finishing that home basement into a work and or play area.

Because of this fact, they will look to a decorating option that allows them to use more of the dead space in their homes.

Having a room do to things at once requires a blend of practicality and inspiration.

2. Intimacy

The cozy home décor is here to stay. So is the desire to create a refuge from the hostile outside world. Everything that provides comfort, including simple colors and comfortable furniture.  In addition, cozy fabrics and plush throw rugs complete this look.

Relaxing and breathing fresh air away from the city bustle has always been what suburban living is all about. This décor epitomizes that feeling.

3. Colors and more colors

Colors are at the core of a home’s decoration. Expect this to continue in 2020. Different colors have different meanings for the décor and expect some more refinement in the coming year. Light blues with their breezy ocean feeling. Deep browns for their earthy tones and reds for their modern looks. Colors should not be ignored in completing any home décor project. Paint the ceiling and floor for an edgy look to your home.

4. Eco-friendly

Americans are getting more and more conscious of their environmental choices. From healthy eating to recycling, the trend keeps growing daily. Expect it to hit the home décor game in a significant way in 2020. Elements of the eco-friendly home include all-natural materials in furniture and paintings.

Imagine bamboo furniture and real plants in the home. As well as eco-conscious beddings on the beds and rugs on the living floor.

5. Heritage

The heritage décor in homes will leap in 2020 as more and more generation z and millennials get in touch with their heritage. An African inspired décor and furniture, for example. The Nordic European looks or the Spanish villa style.

Many people love to have that feeling of connecting to their ancestors, and this can be seen in art and other pieces in their homes.

6. Feng Shui Décor

This is the classic Chinese traditional practice of creating environmental harmony. These styles became famous last year. For example, we saw a 137% jump on people searching for creative décor ideas. We expect this trend to grow in 2020 and beyond.

7. Minimalism with a Japanese inspired décor

Another popular minimalist décor idea is using traditional Japanese pieces to create a unique look from the Asian country.

Japanese inspired homes have always included in-depth wooden pieces combined with bright screens to allow for fresh air and sunlight.

Japanese style house was one of the popular searches on Google trends last year, so expect this popularity and intrigue to continue this year as well.

All in all, we have shared some fresh and functional ideas for you to think about while you decorate your home.