The five mistakes of incorrectly deep-frying chicken

The five mistakes of incorrectly deep-frying chicken
The five mistakes of incorrectly deep-frying chicken

The oil plays an important role in deep-frying. It is necessary to control the quality of oil regularly. The right frying equipment is equally important as it may not be enough only to control the oil quality if the frying machine a restaurant is using isn’t optimal for the task. below in this article, we will cover The five mistakes of incorrectly deep-frying chicken.

A malfunctioning frying machine or its improper cleaning

It is best to fry large quantities of fried chicken in a professional deep fryer. It is also important that the equipment is not only functional but regularly cleaned. During the cleaning process, it is important to avoid wire sponges that could cause scratches and damage the surface of the frying machine. All contaminants should be thoroughly removed, especially those in contact with the oil. Remember to rinse the machine clean of all the chemical detergents completely.

A damaged fryer could be another cause of a problem. The heating element and the programmer are responsible for the temperature settings and the cooking time. Any problems with these elements could be a reason for additional losses.


1. Incorrectly prepared meat

Chicken should be marinated first in order to be juicy and crispy. You can use your own marinade or a ready pre-made marinade that will reduce prep time significantly; these pre-made marinades are extremely important in the restaurant business. They are one of the reasons chefs can create dishes that are delicious and loved by everyone, adults, and children alike.

The marinating process should last at least several hours, preferably all night. Never coat the meat with batter right after marinating, as the meat won’t have the time necessary to build its flavor.

The fried chicken batter plays a very important role, as well. Any excess batter should be shaken off right before the frying process. Never season food right over the fryer as the seasoning may get in the oil, causing it to burn quickly, thus needing to change it often.

2. Frying chicken pieces that are too big in the basket.

The correct amount of meat should be placed in a frying basket. In the event we place too many chicken pieces in a basket, the oil temperature will drop, the meat will take longer to fry, and the entire machine will work inefficiently, and the quality of the food will be less than perfect.

3. Forgetting to control the temperature.

The oil inside the frying machine should be pre-heated to 170°C. When preparing crispy chicken pieces with the Holly Powder batter, it takes approximately 3,5 minutes to fry the strips. If the oil isn’t hot enough, the strips will be greasy and not fully cooked. If the temperature is too high, then the meat may burn, and the oil will change its color and quality.

4. Using the same oil over and over again.

Regular oil changes are one of the most important things to remember when working with deep-frying machines. Polar compounds of above 25% are against the law in Poland (The Polish Ministry of Health Amendment Dz. U. 2012 poz. 1096). The oil quality can be measured with special measuring tools available. 

Following these simple rules will let you make and serve delicious crispy deep-fried chicken. These are essential rules to remember. Using the correct amount of oil in the frying machine is important, as using oils that are oxidation and polymerization resistant.

Consumers often choose crispy chicken burgers, crispy chicken salads, in tortillas, or buckets. A high quality of fried chicken is absolutely necessary. It is the quality that guarantees the restaurant’s reputation and popularity.