How to Build Your Unique Look with Trending Mens Haircuts

While years come and go, there are mens haircuts that are out of time. The men’s fashion tends to change at lightspeed, however, it still leaves something that will never go out of style. And besides bringing new cutting and styling choices to the table, 2020 is officially focusing on ageless classics about which we’re going to talk today.Below, in this article, you can find the details about how to build your unique look with trending Mens haircuts

The way a man styles his hair, as well as the mens haircuts he chooses, defines his character and unique sense of style, according to LoveHairStyles. But, it’s crucial to find a cut and style that suits not only your individuality but also your appearance. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made this short yet useful guide for men who want to find a balance between stylishness and practicality while following trends.

How to Choose The Right Men’s Haircuts for You

How to Build Your Unique Look with Trending Mens Haircuts
How to Build Your Unique Look with Trending Mens Haircuts

Of course, you can’t pick a random cut on your way to creating your style. First of all, you should consider your individual features so your barber can tailor a haircut specifically for you. Your hair type and face shape are the main determiners that will be your guide to choosing the perfect cut. 

Hair Type & Texture

Admit it, if you have thin hair, you can’t recreate Elvis’s hairstyle. What we’re trying to say is that you should pick a cut based on your hair type to get the most of it. 

Men with thin hair, for example, can try buzz cuts or short crew-cuts, as they will keep the length at a super short level, thus giving a balanced feel to the texture. 

As for thick hair, men with such textures can’t do without layering and fades, as these two are what will help you tame your stubborn locks. 

Curly and wavy textures go awesome with tapered or faded sides and moderate tops or minimalist and tight looks.

Face Shape

It’s hard to keep your hair on point if you don’t consider your face shape. 

Men with oval faces, for example, can go for literally any cut, except for a fringe – it can make your face look rounder. 

Guys with round faces should focus on adding more visual angles with layers and short-sides-long-tops, avoiding short and tight buzzes. 

And those with square faces are the lucky ones: they can pull off any cut and style. 

Finally, diamond or triangular faces look their best with side-parted looks.

What Mens Haircuts Are Trending In 2020?


Trends change and classics never die. To help you navigate the modern world of men’s hair trends, we’ve selected haircuts that are going to be big this year. Some of them are familiar yet timeless, and others are brand new.


  • Undercut. There’s no need to introduce this crowd pleaser. As the most popular combination of short sides and long tops, an undercut has an approach to any men, allowing for various customizations.
  • Tapered comb-over. Comb-over also has a rich history, but when it’s paired with a smooth taper, you can see its new, modern chapter.
  • Outlined Caesar Haircut. The Caesar haircut has gained a huge fan base of men who’d like to give themselves a short cut with a hip fringe. Finished with a precise outline, this cut is an idea to steal in 2020.
  • Crew cut + Low Fade. Another combination of classics and modernity that results in a neat, minimalist look for all occasions.
  • Quiff + mid fade. This year, combining a huge dramatic top with balanced sides is something with which you can’t go wrong.
  • Faux Hawk + High Fade. When you want to go big and distinctive, such a contrast of lengths will do the trick.
  • Buzz Cut. The buzz is something that will never leave men’s fashion for its masculinity and simplicity rolled into one.


The Latest Styling Ideas for Popular Mens Haircuts

Now, let’s discuss the most popular styling options that you will want to try today.


  • Sleek side part. Some gel and combing are enough to create a smart look for your short-sides-long-top.
  • Textured quiff. Having good wax or pomade is crucial now, as textured styles are all the rage.
  • Disheveled undercut. Your undercut will get a cool carefree vibe once you spritz the top with sea salt spray.
  • Messy waves. Apply some wax on your damp hair, tousle it up while blow-drying, and you’re ready to rock a trendy messy look.


Although there are tons of amazing mens haircuts out there, there are also some rules for choosing them. Today, we’ve shown you the basics of picking the perfect cuts for your individual features, as well as shared the hottest picks for 2020. Now you know how to find a trendy option that will fit you like a glove!