How to Choose a Spy App to Track Messages on Android in 2021?

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There are many spy apps out there that you can use on Android devices at this time, from free spy apps to apps that require a subscription or one-off fee. Here we will give you the information you need to choose the best app for you, describe some scenarios where you will need to install spy apps, and help you know which Android devices can be tracked in this way.

How to choose the best spy app for tracking messages on Android

The best course of action to take when you require a spy app to track messages from an Android device is to go online and read resources, such as those provided by These websites have researched each of the major apps and provide you with detailed reviews on what you can expect and how they work.

As there are so many apps available in 2021, you need to select the right one for your requirements. A good rule of thumb to follow is to choose a spy app that is either free or requires a single upfront payment when purchasing. Try to avoid those that charge a subscription fee, as this can build into a large amount over the days, weeks, and months you use the app.

Another great addition to the best apps is a toll-free support helpline number. Such a resource will save you money if you require technical help.

Why do you need to spy on messages on an Android phone?

Teenagers are always typing and tapping on their smartphones and tablets. How do you know who they are messaging? Is the person replying genuine and who they say they are or are they a predator pretending to be someone else? Is your partner cheating on you? Do you have suspicions that they are?

It is at times like these that you need to be able to read messages, both sent and received, from your family’s phone. Being able to view the content of these messages can be essential in keeping your child safe. It can also help you stop worrying about if your partner is unfaithful.

On which Android devices can I install a spy app to track messages?

Most tablets and smartphones that run the Android operating system (OS) can be tracked using a spy app. This is particularly true of those devices that have greater functionality. If you can install a game on the device, you can certainly install a spy app to track that device’s messages.

It is not possible to install a spy app on a home virtual assistant device like Google Nest hubs or on Android TV devices; however, on the phones and tablets that run Android OS, it is possible. It is these devices that are used most often for messages so your peace of mind will be maintained.


Situations occur throughout daily life where you would be helped by being able to read messages sent and received on a smartphone or tablet, like those mentioned above. Installing a spy app on such a device is easy, quick, and does not have to cost a large amount of money. Our helpful tips mentioned here will help you select the best app to read the messages on an Android device and will end your worries.