Comedy After Corona – 5 Ways to Use Social Media To Increase Youtube Followers

Novel Coronavirus has changed the normal way of life. People have become more hygiene conscious to prevent contamination. The majority of the companies have initiated ‘work from home’ for their staff.

Remote work has proven to be the right measure during this crisis period. Only recently, countries have started relaxing lockdown rules, and companies are reopening.

Experts are suggesting the adoption of several new working rules among which remote work remains at the top. If a large portion of employees start working from their homes, the office area will remain less crowded, which will help maintain physical distancing, which is the fundamental condition to keep the virus at bay.

On the other side, if you want to include remote working in your ‘new normalcy’ in the post COVID atmosphere, you will miss the chit chats with the colleagues between work, during lunch and snack hours, and celebrating special days of the team members after work.

This is the opportunity where the Youtubers can follow some simple tricks to increase their number of subscriptions, views, shares, and likes. This is a superb platform to promote, entertain, educate the viewers. The people working from home are also spending more time on YouTube, and this is your chance to make them your audience.

5 Ways for Increasing YouTube Followers Using Social Media

Here you will get five easy ideas of increasing YouTube followers using other social media profiles –

Use Descriptive and Keyword-centric Titles

Make the title of the video most descriptive and interesting. This is where your knowledge of keyword research will pay off. Provide related keywords that the algorithm can use to sort the video for relevant purposes. The viewers should understand the subject of the video from the title.

To acquire a deep knowledge of keyword research, search for SEO, or other tools. You can check the keyword popularity on Youtube. Optimize the video content using the appropriate keyword that will help increase views as well as inform the users what the video is about.

You must already be familiar with the video description box. This is used to inform the users, as well as the search engines, the details of your video content.

Share The Link Of Your Youtube Channel’s New Video On Other Social Media 

Along with youtube, you must have other popular social media profiles. Promote your channel there. Share the link of your new videos and most viewed videos there to attract more audience. You can use Instagram video editor pc for removing the unnecessary stuff and covering the useful portion.

Also, share the video links on your profile page and the related community page. Request them to post their feedback in the comment section to improve the quality of the content in the future.

Use transcriptions for reaching an international audience and to people with hearing disabilities. As the accent of a specific country or region is not always easily understood beyond the border, the transcription helps to understand.

Reaching more people implies more views, which is the ultimate target of any serious YouTuber.

Provide Content That Is Easy To Understand With A Flavor Of Humor

However complicated your subject is, try to make it as simple as you can. Suppose you are creating videos on a computer programming language.

Use real-life examples to explain a difficult feature so that the beginners find it interesting. Since you have selected the topic, it is confirmed that you are a master in it. But think from a learners’ perspective while going to explain.

If your topic is too serious, include some humor in between the video. The viewers will get a little time to relax. This will also act as a motivator because it is difficult to discuss the complex subject matter from the beginning to the end.

Easy flow of language and light tones in between the serious content is what makes the video enjoyable.

Use Guest YouTubers

As with guest posting in blogs, the guest Youtubers can do wonders for your channel. The guest can be an eminent personality or an established personality in the same domain as your channel.

He or she can also be another Youtuber whose channel has reached the height of success or anybody you think is related to your video content.

For instance, if your channel is about fitness, you can invite a doctor, nutritionist, sports personality, or film personality for an interview. Making videos with a guest Youtuber could boost up the views remarkably.

If he/she is also a Youtuber, you two can share one another’s links in the description section. This will be beneficial for both of you.

Create An Outro Maker To End With A Lasting Effect

To create a heart touching video, on the whole, you have to be careful from the beginning to the end, along with the main content. The intro should be intriguing so that people feel an urge to watch it.

The entire video should maintain an easy flow, switch from one point to another smoothly. Similarly, take extra care of the end as well.

Take the help of a video outro maker to have a gorgeous finish. End screens have a unique function to provide the users with relevant information about your channel. You can share other playlists, upcoming video topics, recommended videos based on the viewers’ interests.

For adding end screens, go to Video Manager, click edit on the video you intend to add, and click ‘End Screens & Annotations’. Now you can add more features.

It’s a brilliant way to promote your videos before Youtube itself, recommending it based on the algorithm output.


COVID-19 has taught us a new way of living. Nobody knows exactly when there will be zero Coronavirus patients on this earth. Till then, we have to design our lifestyle to get used to the ‘new normal.’ Creating a Youtube channel and putting effort into making it better will keep us positive during this trying time.

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