Best Yoga Practices You Can practice to Keep Yourself Healthy

Types Of Yoga You Can Do

Yoga has immense benefits for your body, mind, and soul as we don’t have time or the mental bandwidth to dedicate a whole hour to yoga. If you want to make your body in shape and flexibility then yoga can become a part of your daily life. However, you just need to do is incorporate a few simple things in your lifestyle and you can inculcate the physical. Whereas, if you noticed there are some yoga benefits possibly you’re sleeping better or getting fewer colds or just feeling more relaxed. So here in this article, we are listing Types Of Yoga You Can Do To Keep Yourself Healthy. 

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Types Of Yoga You Can Do At To Keep Yourself Healthy

Vajra Asana

This simple seated pose has higher benefits and helps to all the muscles of your legs and to make your ankle joints flexible. Also, It is a great position to digest your stomach and to prevent it. At first and your ankles will hurt, but if you sit in this posture for just a few minutes every day. However, your body will get adjusts and you’ll be sitting comfortably in vajra asana. Daily use Vajra asana for a few minutes after dinner and before you go to bed for a better immunity system.

Padma Asana

This position is the most beneficial and effective of all yoga asanas. Padma Asana allows you to practice which helps to make our body limber and flexible enough. Whereas, it can provide you to sit for long hours of mediation which has great benefits for the backbone. In the beginning, it may be hard to do this, but just a few minutes of practice every day makes your hips, pelvis, and legs open up. Also, this asana is great for all the muscles of your legs, spine, for digestion of your body.

Gomukh Asana

Gomukh asana is also a great stretch and very beneficial for our spines. Whereas, it provides you a better aligning to our bodies and helps in preventing and getting rid of spinal and back problems. In this position you have to bring your right leg is over your left leg then inhale and raise your right hand, placing the left leg over the right leg. After that just repeat this on the other side, placing the left leg over the right leg.


Kapalbhati asana is also one of the best which oxygenates your body, energizes your mind and pumps all the stale oxygen from your muscles. Whereas, In Sanskrit, kapalbhati means “shining skull” so it gives you that beautiful yoga to get out of stress and anxiety. Just sit in a comfortable meditation posture and make sure that your head and spine should be straight with the hands resting on the knees. After that inhalation should take place passively, then exhale through both nostrils with a forceful contraction and three rounds of 20 pumping daily in the morning.