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Yaanaa Wiki – Trailer, Story, Cast & Crew, Release Date

Yaanaa Full Movie Download

Yaanaa is a 2019 Adventure Movie in the Kannada language made under the direction of Vijayalakshmi SinghHarish Sherigar has produced Yaanaa under the banner: I Entertainment.  Vaibhavi, Vainidhi, Vaisiri, Sumukha, Chakravarthy, and Abhishek have played lead roles. While the supporting cast includes Ananth nag, Suhasini, Sadhu Kokila, Chikanna, and Rangayana Raghu.  Anoop Seelin has composed the music for this movie, while Vijayalakshmi Singh has provided the screenplay. Also, you can get more details about the cast & crew down below in the article.

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Yaanaa Trailer

Yaanaa trailer was officially released by I Entertainment on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 284,000 views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Movie Details:

  • Movie Name: Yaanaa
  • Release Date: 12 July 2019
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Language: Kannada
  • Cast & Crew: Vaibhavi, Vainidhi, Vaisiri, Sumukha, Chakravarthy, Abhishek, Ananth nag, Suhasini, Sadhu Kokila, Chikanna, and Rangayana Raghu
  • Director(s): Vijayalakshmi Singh
  • Producer(s): Harish Sherigar
  • Screenplay: Vijayalakshmi Singh
  • Music Composer(s): Anoop Seelin

Yaanaa Story, Review and Rating

Yaanaa Movie is an adventure movie released in the Kannada language. The movie reveals good aspirations and values of today’s youth. The story revolves around the three girls, who meet in the train journey to Goa. The three beautiful female champions Vaibhavi, Vainidhi & Vaisiri have acted quite well and play good roles in making this women-oriented film a success.

Yaana movie thrilling scene

IMDB rated this movie as 7.2/10 and listed as the top movie in Karnataka film industry. As we all know Anant Nag, Jai Jagadish, have a huge fan base and their fans wouldn’t miss a movie like Yaana.

Yaanaa Full Movie Download 

If you are excited to watch Anant Nag’s yaanna Full Movie Download then wait for the movie to get uploaded in legal sites. We strongly recommend you not to visit illegal sites with more anxiety rather go the theaters and enjoy the movie.

Where to Watch Yaanaa Full Movie Online?

If you want to watch yaanaa full movie online, then you will have to wait for a few months for it to appear on legal streaming websites. After a few months, I Entertainment starts sharing the movie in the legal streaming websites mentioned below.

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