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Film Title: The Mummy

Below in this article, you will find The Mummy Box Office Prediction, The Mummy Box Office Collection, The Mummy Daywise Collection, The Mummy Hit or Flop and Review.

Cast – tom cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis

Release date – 8th June 2017

Direction – Alex Kurtzman

Music – brain tyler

Genre – action, thriller

The Mummy (2017) Story

It’s all about a lady mummy who wants to conquer the world was made into mummy when she was alive during the ancient times. She was returned to the modern world when her tomb was discovered by tom cruise and his crew. When they opened her tomb she got back her life as a ghost and again she wants to conquer the world. But she needs a powerful human to make her wish. So she chooses the body of tom cruise. How Tom Cruise preventing the lady from conquering the world with her evil power is the rest of the story.

The Mummy (2017) Trailer review

The trailer for his movie was released in the December month of 2016. And trailer no 2 or this movie has been recently released. The trailer has acquired 30 million views. And the trailer looks superb. It shows that it will be the best part of mummy film ever taken. The trailer shows tom cruise and Annabelle traveling in an aircraft with soldiers with the tomb of a mummy.

After some time a large no of birds starts flying towards the aircraft. The engine was malfunctioned and the aircraft starts falling down. Tom saves Annabelle with a parachute. But unfortunately, he dies. But suddenly he got a new life. He was said that new life was given to him because he was chosen for it. The new life was given to him by the mummy. In the second trailer fully shows about the lady mummy. She was made into mummy alive. And later tom cruise and his crew finds his tomb and releases her. Then they face the consequences of releasing her.

The Mummy (2017) box office prediction

Among the mummy series movies released the mummy returns have the record of highest box office collection of all mummy movies and in the next place mummy 2 stands. According to our calculation, we were sure that his part will create a record of the highest box office collection of all movies. One of the main reason is tom cruise. Tom Cruise is one of the top heroes of the Hollywood industry and has already given big box office records. This is all about the mummy box office prediction. For more information regarding the mummy box office prediction stay updated with us.



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