What Technologies Will We See More Businesses Adopting?

Meta: What pieces of tech are we seeing businesses begin to adopt more readily at the moment? Find out about three that are being put to use here.

These pieces of tech might be nothing new, but they are making waves across various sectors. Businesses are always searching for ways in which they can make improvements that will benefit both their employees and their customers. Here are some of the technologies that we might see more businesses adopting soon.

Technologies Will We See More Businesses


Blockchain technologies were developed alongside cryptocurrency. They are the ledgers that records of transactions are kept on and they are considered to be a safe and honest way of doing so. The reason for this is that the information on the blocks cannot be altered without altering all the others on the chain too. Since these chains can contain thousands of blocks, this is simply impossible to do.

Many companies are adopting blockchain for record-keeping as it puts things in control of the customer. The businesses must be transparent and open when it comes to transactions, and if a customer raises a query, then the blockchain will be able to report the truth. This should help to make interactions between businesses and their customers that little bit more honest, something that many want to see.


Artificial intelligence is already in place in many businesses. It is primarily in place in the form of chatbots. Head to a site like the online casino NetBet, and you might never get in touch with a real person if you have to use the live chat for help! These chatbot AIs can quickly solve easy problems, but they can direct you on to a real person if you need a little more help.

AIs are also being used increasingly for machine learning and data gathering. The right program can gather and analyse data much more efficiently than a human ever could. Companies can then take this information and use it in studies and to make improvements to their operations.

Augmented Reality

Unlike virtual reality, which requires a headset and a lot of computing power, augmented reality only requires a small handset like a phone and has many features that businesses are interested in. Companies can look into augmented reality for a wide variety of purposes.

For example, IKEA has been using augmented reality to help people try their furniture in their home before they buy. Their tool allows customers to see whether or not a sofa or some other item would fit within their home. This is just one of the many uses we can see for such a technology. Many industries will be able to find a use for this tech, and we haven’t yet discovered its full potential.

These are three pieces of technology that we might see more businesses adopt in the future. The world of tech is extremely interesting at the moment, and it seems like there is a new development every day of the week at times. Hopefully, some of these will be put to good use in the world of business to help make our lives that little bit richer.