Anusha Hegde’s Leads Main Role of Suryakantham Daily Serial


Suryakantam Daily Serial

Anusha Hegde is back on Zee Telugu with its latest serial Suryakantham. Playing the titular character, Anusha will be seen in and as Suryakantham and her love interest in the show is none other than Prajwal. Suryakantham promises to be a combination of genres ranging from light-hearted comedy to serious family drama, along with an underlying romantic story.

Suryakantham theme revolves around Suryakantham, as Surya. She is the second daughter of her parents, who were praying for a son instead. Surya’s father had decided long before her birth that his son would be the reincarnation of his late father. And so, when Surya was born, he treated her like his son and called her ‘nanna‘, respectfully. Due to an unfortunate accident, Surya’s father passed away and while people kept taunting the family for not having a male heir to light up the pyre, Surya took a step towards something that her father had wanted all along. She chopped off her hair and decided to be the one to light up her father’s pyre as Surya, not Suryakantham.

Now Surya is the man of the house and takes responsibility for her mother, grandmother, and elder sister. She also runs the same garage shed that her father owned once.

This is one of the Zee Telugu popular ranking serial its telecast on Zee tv Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm Watch Suryakantham on ZEE5, before TV.



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