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Super 30 Full Movie Download Dailymotion

Super 30 is a 2019 Hindi Biographical film movie. About Super 30: is a Biography of one of the known mathematician Anand Kumar & how he change the education of India. This movie directed by Vikas Bahl, while Phantom Films has produced the movie under the banner: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Reliance Entertainment. Hrithik Roshan has played the lead role where as the supporting cast includes Mrunal ThakurVirendra Saxenaand Pankaj Tripathi. Below in this article, we share the details of  the news: Super 30 Full Movie Download by Dailymotion

Super 30 Full Movie Story

The Super 30 movie story tells us about the inspiring maths genius Anand Kumar. The movie starts with an introduction of Anand Kumar (Hrithik Roshan) in a flashback. However, his brilliance in maths gets the opportunity in the Cambridge University. But, he was unable to take admission due to lack of money. To get the opportunity he goes door to door to so that he can get some scholarship. At this stage of time, his father passes away due to that he had no other option. He started selling papads that are made by his mother. Meanwhile, his Cambridge Opportunity letter was used as a covering for his Papads.

By this time he was discovered by Lalan Singh who was the owner of the IIT coaching center and he wants to be the maths teacher in his coaching center. While teaching at the coaching center Anand Kumar realizes that there are many intelligent students who are not able to do IIT due to poor circumstances.

From then his life changes he gave up the good life and started a free coaching class in his home for the poor students who are not able to achieve their dream. He started coaching the 30 poor students. But, he has no planning for his free coaching program financially.

Super 30 Full Movie Download by Dailymotion

Now, Dailymotion users leak Super 30 movie online: Super 30 is the latest victim of piracy with Dailymotion users uploading the pirated copies of the movie into the Video platform. The leak of the film Super 30 is expected to hamper the film’s business at the box office.

Emotional Scenes in Super 30 Movie

Super 30 Trailer

Basanti No Dance

Jugraafiya Song

Paisa Song


You can Watch Super 30 on Legal Streaming Websites

We have verified the availability of Super 30 on most of the legal streaming platforms. So as of now the film Super 30 is available on hotstar, So you can Watch Super 30 on Hotstar.

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