Some Of The Top Shows & Events Happen In Staples Center


Top events and shows Staples Center

It has almost been 20 years for Staples Center and we have seen some of the best events and shows happening there. As per the recent report, Staple Center hosts more than 250 events every year. In fact, Staples Center Los Angeles venue is known for some of the best live band events & some of them are U2, Ed Sherren, Taylor Swift and more. What’s more, these events get fully sponsored too. Everything is usually branded, up to the Custom Styrofoam Cups bearing beverages. So here we are going to see some of the top events and shows happen in Staples Center.

Top events and shows Staples Center

Here you can find get a peak of the of the past staples center schedule and events, including some of the all time greats and biggest successful evens.

U2 Concert

AT Staples Center in NY, U2 played their show on April 6th, 2005. In fact, this was one of the biggest success shows of all time. With more than 1000 visitors and houseful, this U2 concert is one of the best concerts happen in Staples Center. During this concert, U2 played 16 sets.

Not only that, but “The Ocean” band played in Staples along with U2 for the first time since 1982.

NBA All-Star Games

We are talking about LA, then how can we miss the NBA. NBA All-Star Game is a 3 days event happening every February and this game was played in the Staples Center in 2004, 2011 & 2018. During this game, we have a huge amount of crowd coming to support their teams. This event is owned by AEG.


Grammy is one of the most respectable awards for the musicians. Grammy had over 20 award shows out of which 18 Grammy Award shows were held in Staples Center. For Grammy, you will definitely need a huge stage and a place to keep thousands of people together. That’s the reason why Grammy always choose Staples Center as their venue every time they host the show.

Monster Jam Triple Threat 

If you think that, Staples Center only host indoor events, then you must be shocked to know this. Monster Jam Triple Threat needs a huge ground where you will see monsters trucks chasing each other to be on the top position. One of the latest events happened was in June 2019.

This is a showdown of Eight Extreme Monster Jam Teams driving Driving Three Different Vehicles to lead the top charts in and let their teammates win. During the race, these drivers put their monster vehicle into extreme test and obstacles to win the race. This, In fact, is getting a huge popularity.

Democratic National Convention

Apart from entertainment and sports, you will also find political meets too. One of them is the Democratic National Convention. During this event, the delegates of the United States Democratic Party discuss and vote for who will elect for the upcoming President and Vice President state election.

In 2020, this is going to held on Jul 13 till July 16. Democratic National Convention was held in Staples in 2000.

Livin’ la Vida Loca Tour

If you love Ricky Martin, then you might have heard about Lovin La Vida Loca Tour. This happened in 2000, where Ricky Martin and Puerto Rican hosted the show to launch its first English album. This tour happens in several countries, whereas, in LA it happen in Staples Center.

This tour had more than 875,151 fans and has grossed more than $53 million. Out of which they grossed $33 million and played in front of more than 6 lakh fands in 33 shows in the USA.

Eagles Millennium Tour 2000

If you are into Rock & Roll, then you might definitely heard of Eagles, if not them, then you might definitely have heard the song Hotel California. Yes, Eagles have also performed in Staples Center in front of thousands of people. This was their farewell tour that they played in the big stage of Staples.

Justified and Stripped Tour

For those who are into Hip-Hop, then you might have heard of this tour. In fact, this is Staples one of the best music events. The overall crowd of 44 thousand and made around $2,708,186 in the single day.

This show was featuring Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, where Black Eyed Peas did the supporting putting the stage on fire with their performance.

American Idols LIVE! Tour 2007 & 2008

One of the biggest reality show in the USA, the American Idol tour of 2007 happened in the same center. During this tour, they had more than 12000 participants and had grossed around $455,119. This was the 16th Season of the American Idol and also the most successful seasons too.

Along with the 2007 tour, the 17th season that is the 2008 tour also took place in the Staples Center.

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour

The God of Hip Hop and also one of the best dancers Michale Jackson had a tribute show held in the Staple Center in 2011. This show was written by Jamie King & produced by Estate of Michael Jackson. Not only that, but this show called some of the top celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and more. This show had more than 35 thousand crowd & made more than $37 Million.

29th Annual MTV Video Music Awards

In the year 2012, the MTV Video Music Award shows were also held in the Staples Center. Also, Kevin Hart hosted the shows, whereas Rihanna and Drake were the most nominated artist of 2012. On the other hand, Katy Perry and Beyoncé received 4 awards in the show.

According to the reports, this show has more than 6 million views. Considering the fact, this is not the highest viewership the show received. One of the reasons for fewer viewers was that the shows were hosted on a Thursday. In fact, this the lowest viewer since the 2007 Show.

These are some of the top shows and events happen in the Staple Center. Apart from that, they also had some of the best shows like, Because We Can (featuring Bon Jovi), 50 & Counting, KIIS-FM Jingle Ball and more.

With this list of ours, we close the list of top shows & events in Staples Center. If you still think we are missing on any of your favorite shows or event, then we would request to add it in the comment below. Every other day, you will find a new show or event happening there. Also, if you want regular updates on these events and also want to know what’s going on in the entertainment world, keep following us.

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