Savyasachi Boxoffice Collections, Hit or Flop, Review


Savyasachi was one of the most awaited movies in the Tollywood, as we were seeing R. Madhavan in the negative role. We are sure that most of the people would like to know about Savyasachi review before they spend their money watching it. The Movie was released today and after watching this movie, here is our review.  We are also providing you here with daily updates of Savyasachi Boxoffice Collections.

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Savyasachi Boxoffice Collections

The Savyasachi movie 27 days, Total worldwide box office collections are 44.10 crores Approximately.

Savyasachi Total Boxoffice Collections

Number of Days 16
AP/TS 24.81 Cr
Karnataka 1.15 Cr
USA 4.15 Cr
Worldwide 41.17 Cr

Savyasachi Day16 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 55 Lakhs
Karnataka 1.30 Lakhs
USA 1.8Lakhs
Worldwide 80 Lakhs

Savyasachi Day15 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 51 Lakhs
Karnataka 1 Lakhs
USA 1 Lakhs
Worldwide 72 Lakhs

Savyasachi Day14 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 55 Lakhs
Karnataka 1 Lakhs
USA 1 Lakhs
Worldwide 80 Lakhs

Savyasachi Day13 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 65 Lakhs
Karnataka 1 Lakhs
USA 1 Lakhs
Worldwide 85 Lakhs

Savyasachi Day12 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 70 Lakhs
Karnataka 2 Lakhs
USA 2 Lakhs
Worldwide 90 Lakhs

Savyasachi Day11 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1 Cr
Karnataka 2 Lakhs
USA 2 Lakhs
Worldwide 1.50 Cr

Savyasachi Day10 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1.20 Cr
Karnataka 2 Lakhs
USA 8 Lakhs
Worldwide 1.60 Cr

Savyasachi Day9 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1.05 Cr
Karnataka 2 Lakhs
USA 10 Lakhs
Worldwide 1.40 Cr

Savyasachi Day8 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1.10 Cr
Karnataka 2 Lakhs
USA 12 Lakhs
Worldwide 1.50 Cr

Savyasachi Day7 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1.80 Cr
Karnataka 0.08 Cr
USA 0.20 Cr
Worldwide 2.45 Cr

Savyasachi Day6 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1.70 Cr
Karnataka 0.10 Cr
USA 0.28 Cr
Worldwide 2.35 Cr

Savyasachi Day5 Boxoffice Collection

AP/TS 1.50 Cr
Karnataka 0.10 Cr
USA 0.20 Cr
Worldwide 2.20 Cr

Savyasachi Boxoffice Collections

AP/TS USA Karnataka Worldwide
4th Day Collections 1.80 cr 0.28 cr 10 Lakh 3.00 cr
3rd Day Collections 3.10 cr 0.50 cr 20 Lakh 5.20 cr
2nd Day Collections 2.80 cr 0.80 cr 18 Lakh 4.80 cr
1st Day Collections 4.80 cr 1.50 cr 25 Lakh 11.10 cr
Savyasachi Movie Review and Box Office Collections
Savyasachi Box Office Collections

Savyasachi Storyline

Vikram Aditya(Naga) is a guy who suffers from Vanishing Twin Syndrome where his left hand is not in his control most of the time. The story is about Vikram falling in love with Chitra (Niddhi Agarwal) and one day his life turns upside down. The story is about how Naga’s brother in law getting killed and his niece getting kidnapped. Rest of the story is about how Vikram saves his niece from  Madhavan (Arun Raj).

Savyasachi Review

Savyasachi has got some great response from the fans & the concept of the Vanishing twin syndrome, gives some extra value to the story.  Madhavan is playing the villain’s role in this movie, which makes it more interesting to watch the movie.

There is no doubt that the movie has an interesting storyline but lacks in the narration. Watching Madhavan’s in the negative role makes the movie quite interesting. The only boring part of this movie is before the interval. It has the same college life story that we see in the movies. We also expected it to have some good songs but were disappointed to listen. T If we skip the initial part and the songs in this movie, we can say that the movie is exceptionally good in terms of story and amazing acting.

Overall the movie is good, & is a worth one-time watch movie. The movie has an amazing storyline & great acting, but the only drawback here is seen in Songs and the initial part before the interval.


Savyasachi Highlights

  • Madhavan, who acted as a villain, played his role well.
  • The direction of the was excellent by Chandoo Mondeti.
  • Amazing concept that makes this movie worth watching
  • It has some great comedy scenes.

Savyasachi Drawbacks

  • Having a great concept, but has a routine revenge drama.
  • The songs are not that great.


Savyasachi Cast & crew

Directed by Chandoo Mondeti
Produced by Naveen Yerneni,
C.V. Mohan,
Y. Ravi Shankar
Written by Chandoo Mondeti
Starring Naga Chaitanya,
Nidhhi Aggarwal,
R. Madhavan,
Bhumika Chawla
Music by M.M. Keeravani
Cinematography J. Yuvaraj
Edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Production company Mythri Movie Makers
Release date 2nd November 2018



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