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Raktha Sambandham Daily Serial

Raktha Sambandham is one of the Telugu daily serial telecast on Zee Telugu from every Monday to Saturday at 01.00 Pm to 01.30 Pm. Raktha Sambandham family Drama based on Brother Sister Sentiment. This serial directed by Shravana Bhaskar Reddy and producer Sky Media. And Raktha Sambandham Daily Serial entertain all kind of audience. This serial is running successfully in the last one year.

Raktha Sambandham story theme revolves around the loving relationship of two siblings, Rudra Pratap and Bhagya Lakshmi. Sharing a strong bond between them, Bhagya Lakshmi adores Rudra Pratap and is even willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her brother’s needs. So Bhagya Lakshmi Sacrifices her son because her brother leads a happy life.  Their children have grown up. Siddu and Tulasi start their relationship with friends and their love for each one but Siddu mother Durgamma did not accept their love.

The serial main lead roles Meghana Lokesh, Siddhu and main supporting roles Jackie, Jyothi Reddy, and Meena Kumari.



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