Mother! Box office collection – still It holds over the audience apart Jennifer’s spell


Mother! Box office collection 

The film which was premiered in Venice film festival starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem is directed by Darren Aronofsky. When we hear this name the first thing comes to our mind is the movie, Black Swann. The movie which was released in the small theatre in the region which gets expanded to many countries across the globe.

But the investors have some huge plans of releasing the movie in more than 2000 screens across the globe. It may be due to they might have a feeling of belief with their plot. Black Swann which was released in 2010 has got five Oscars which no one expected that this film has this much chance.

Even Jennifer Lawrence has a good chance for Oscar because Aronofsky has got every minute effort from his crew to give the best. Lawrence name was not even mentioned in the film.

A story of couples Bardem and Lawrence but their age difference is too high to see them as a couple. They were living their normal life in a small country unless they allows a stranger to stay in. Then the strange things started to happen.

Rotten Tomatoes has given 76% as their critic review and yet the it is a good film but whether will it make you feel what you want is dependent.

This total cost production budget is $30 million and since this is a psycho-thriller film we can expect some good collections.

Mother! Worldwide box office collection – $2 million.

Mother! Vs It 

While mother! has to face a heavy competition from It which has already collected $123 million and may have some growth in this week too. And becomes the highest horror based grosser of all time beating all horror film records.

It worldwide box office collection – $123 million

It Indian box office collection – $2.75 million.

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