Methods To Do Strikethrough In Gmail – Ultimate Guide


Strikethrough In Gmail

If you work online, then you already know, that, text formatting is pretty useful. Strikethrough is part of the typographical presentation. On Strikethrough, a horizontal line goes through the text. But, the text remains readable. Well, I don’t need to mention the uses of Strikethrough. Maybe, you’re in the middle of some important work. If you are using Gmail for a long time then you should probably know this method. In this article, you will find details about Methods To Do Strikethrough In Gmail.

Methods To Do Strikethrough In Gmail

Here in this method, we will be seeing some different ways to do a strikethrough in Gmail. Below are a list of ways that we will be seeing in detail with step by step procedure.

  1. Copy Strikethrough text and, edit it
  2. Use Google Docs
  3. Use Inspect Element

1. Copy Strikethrough text and, edit it

Firstly, let’s start this list of “Strikethrough Gmail text” with the simple method. If you don’t have time to download and use the script. Then, this solution might be helpful to you.

Steps To Follow

  • Step1: Copy the following Strikethrough text.
  • Step2: Paste it into your “Gmail Compose” box.
  • Step3: move your cursor next to this Strikethrough text.
  • Step4: Now start writing what you want to

Note: After this Strikethrough work, anything you write will appear in Strikethrough format. Whereas, you can remove formatting by pressing Ctrl + \ key simultaneously. So, to start writing normally. However, you need to select the text and press “Ctrl + \”.

2. Use Google Docs

Many blogs and forums already suggested this method. Also, this method is worth mentioning. Whereas, you need to write text in Google Docs. Then use the Strikethrough option of Google Docs. Whereas, you can copy and paste the text into Gmail. Alternatively, you can write complete mail-in Google Docs. Then, paste into the Gmail Compose box.

Steps To Follow

  • Step1: Open the Google Docs site and log in through your Gmail Account.
  • Step2: Click on the “+” icon to open a new document.
  • Step3: Now, write whatever you want and then select it.
  • Step4: After selecting the word, go to Format > text > Strikethrough.
  • Step5: Alternatively, you can press Alt+Shift+5 simultaneously. To activate/deactivate strikethrough in Google Docs.
  • Step6: That’s it. Now copy “Gmail Strikethrough” text and paste it.

3. Use Inspect Element

If you are familiar with and if you ever have written basic HTML code. Then you will easily understand this method. In this method, we are going to add a Strike HTML tag using the inspect element. This method is for Computer users only. If you’re using an Android or iOS device, then you can try the above or next method.

Steps To Follow

  • Step1: In Chrome Browser, Select the text in Gmail, that you want to strikethrough.
  • Step2: Right Click on it, and then choose Inspect Element.
  • Step3: On the right side of the screen, you will able to see the inspect element Window.
  • Step4: Also, a few lines of code will be highlighted.
  • Step5: If not then again select the text and use the inspect option. Simply, right-click on text, and then click on Edit as HTML.
  • Step6: Type <s>Strikethrough</s>

If you want to send a strikethrough text then follow the steps given above. Also, if your friends and family are going through the same problem then you can recommend this to them. There are lots of new movies that you can watch. Here you will find the latest movie, technology news, and updates.