Marathi Movies Releasing in March 2019


Marathi Movies Releasing in March 2019


Saavat is a 2019 Marathi Movie crime drama thriller film which has directed by Saurabh Sinha.Moreover, the police have found that this is not a suicide but a murder. Subsequently, Aditi Deshmukh finds the root cause of these problems. The film explores human psyche! Love, Loyalty, Betrayal, Revenge, Fear, and Anger. Click here for Saavat Full Movie Download

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Sur Sapata

Sur Sapata is a 2019 Marathi Movie sports comedy-drama film which has directed by Mangesh Kanthale. Moreover, it is a motivational journey of boys from the rural area to metro cities for playing their favorite sports KABADDI. this Movie Song has One of the Best Marathi Songs In this Film. The film will feature Hansraj Jagtap, Yash Kulkarni, Chinmay Sant, and Upendra Limaye in the lead characters. Click here for Sur Sapata Full Movie Download


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