Maari 2 Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop


Maari 2 Box Office Collection
Maari 2 is an action drama thriller movie starring Dhanush. This movie is a blockbuster and is the 2nd part of Maari. Maari 2 is releasing in Tamil and Telugu language and is an action pack thriller. After the release of the movie, we saw people interest in Maari 2 Box Office Collection.

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Maari 2 Box Office Collections

Maari 2 has received great response from the audience and it is much better than the first part of the movie. Everyone has loved Dhanush’s badass gangster character and their love is seen in the Box Office. There was a huge opportunity for Maari 2 is states like AP & TS and Tamil Naidu.

Maari 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection

Being an Action Pack Adventure, Box Office Collection for Maari 2 is at its positive side. Maari 2 has Collect Gross of 82.40 Crores overall Worldwide Collections.

Maari 2 Collection (Cr)
Maari 2 1st Day Collection 10.00
Maari 2 2nd Day Collection 12.00
Maari 2 3rd Day Collection 11.50
Maari 2 4th Day Collection 9.80
5th Day Collection 10.40
6th Day Collection 8.80
7th Day Collection 5.00
8th Day Collection 3.00
9th Day Collection 2.00
10th Day Collection 1.80
Total Collection 82.40

Maari 2 Tamil Box Office Collection

There is a huge fan base for Maari 2 in Tamil Nadu and the movie has collected gross of 44.87 Cr

Maari 2 Collection (Cr)
Maari 2 1st Day Collection 3.00
Maari 2 2nd Day Collection 4.32
Maari 2 3rd Day Collection 5.80
Maari 2 4th Day Collection 4.50
5th Day Collection 5.20
6th Day Collection 4.00
7th Day Collection 2.30
8th Day Collection 1.70
9th Day Collection 1.20
10th Day Collection 1.00
Total Collection 44.87

Maari 2 Telugu Box Office Collection

Maari 2 Collection (Cr)
Maari 2 1st Day Collection 0.50
Maari 2 2nd Day Collection 0.80
Maari 2 3rd Day Collection 1.30
Maari 2 4th Day Collection 0.94
5th Day Collection 1.50
6th Day Collection 0.90
7th Day Collection 0.50
8th Day Collection 0.30
9th Day Collection 0.20
10th Day Collection 0.18
Total Collection 7.79


Maari 2 Box Office Prediction

Dhanush is starring in the movie and he is quite popular in the South and has a good fan following. The audience would love to watch Dhanush in the Rowdy Avatar again. The movie seems to be an entertaining one but we have to wait for the movie to release to get the review.

Looking at his popularity and fan base, Maari 2 is expected to make around 80 Cr in Box Office collection. There is also a huge possibility that this can be Dhanush’s most grossing movie. Even though, if the movie does not perform well, the minimum collection will be seen around 40 to 60 Cr.

Antariksham 9000 KMPH and Padi Padi Leche Manasu can affect Maari 2 Box Office Collection in Telugu states. Maari 2 is also competing with Yash’s KGF Box Office Collection.

Duration Positive Talk Negative Talk
1st day 25 Cr 10 Cr
2nd day 15 Cr 8 Cr
3rd day 8 Cr 5 Cr
Opening weekend 50 Cr 25 Cr
Total 80 Cr 40 Cr

Maari 2 Hit or Flop

  • Maari 2 is one of the biggest hit for Dhanush. This movie was made with a budget of 30 Cr.
  • By the 1st Week, the movie collected more than 40 Cr. Maari 2 Box Office Collection till now is above 83 Cr.
  • Considering our Prediction, Maari 2 did cross 50 Cr by the 1st Week and above 80 Cr till now.
  • Maari 2 Box Office Collection to Budget ratio is 2.8, which is considered to be a Super Hit movie as per Movie-Rater HOFS (Hit or Flop Scale)

What is Movie-Rater HOFS?

Check below our scientific approach to measure if Maari 2 is a Hit Or Flop movie.

  • 1.3< Flop
  • 1.3- 1.8 Average
  • 1.8 – 2.5 – Hit
  • >2.5 – Super Hit

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