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YouDem Covers Box Office Collections Reports extensively across Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Other Indian film industries. Below in this article, you can find KGF Box office Collection and KGF Hit or Flop report.

KGF. Box Office Collection

KGF, which stars Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Anant Nag, Vasishta N. Simha in the lead roles, was released on 21 December 2018. KGF also stars in other important roles. It is directed by Prashanth Neel and produced by Vijay Kiragandur. The movie is released on 21 December 2018 across Worldwide, Kannada, APTS with 2860 screens.

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Prashanth Neel
  • Starring: 
    • Yash,
    • Srinidhi Shetty,
    • Anant Nag,
    • Vasishta N. Simha
  • Producers: Vijay Kiragandur
  • Release Date: 21 December 2018
  • Budget: 80 Cr

KGF has received great response from the audience. It can be one of the most successful movies for Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Anant Nag, Vasishta N. Simha, Prashanth Neel, and Vijay Kiragandur.

KGF Worldwide Box Office Collection

KGF is a Blockbuster movie in collections wise the movie creates the own record in worldwide. KGF movie attracts all types of people. The movie opens a huge collection on worldwide and it maintains the gross continuously to week. The overall KGF movie collected in the first 10 days collected  250 crores worldwide.

1st Day Collection₹30Cr
2nd Day Collection₹27Cr
3rd Day Collection₹30Cr
4th Day Collection₹25.5Cr
5th Day Collection₹22.5Cr
6th Day Collection₹18Cr
7th Day Collection₹10Cr
8th Day Collection₹5Cr
9th Day Collection₹4Cr
10th Day Collection₹7Cr
Total Collection₹250Cr

KGF Kannada Box Office Collection

KGF movie biggest hit in Kannada Industry in the year of 2018 not only Karnataka the movie collected more collections worldwide and also other industries. Before KGF movie any movie creates their own record on worldwide. KGF movie has marked to all industries. The Movie opening day collections were a huge amount and it will continue another 3 days and gradually decrease day by day. But overall the First 10 days the movie collected in 130 crores in Sandalwood ( Kannada) Industry only.

1st Day Collection₹16.1Cr
2nd Day Collection₹16.1Cr
3rd Day Collection₹16.3Cr
4th Day Collection₹8Cr
5th Day Collection₹10Cr
6th Day Collection₹6.2Cr
7th Day Collection₹5.2Cr
8th Day Collection₹2.6Cr
9th Day Collection₹4Cr
10th Day Collection₹5.5Cr
Total Collection₹130Cr

KGF APTS Box Office Collection

KGF is a basically Kannada Movie the movie dubbed on Telugu also the movie opening collections are average and maintain the same gross overall. Overall KGF movie collected in 21 crores in the first 10 days in AP and TS Box Office.

1st Day Collection₹1.6Cr
2nd Day Collection₹1.7Cr
3rd Day Collection₹1.7Cr
4th Day Collection₹1.2Cr
5th Day Collection₹1.6Cr
6th Day Collection₹1.1Cr
7th Day Collection₹1.1Cr
8th Day Collection₹1Cr
9th Day Collection₹1.5Cr
10th Day Collection₹2.3Cr
Total Collection₹21.50Cr

KGF Hit or Flop?

Note: This KGF Hit or Flop analysis is based on our prediction of KGF at Box Office, as soon as the Box Office Collections are available for KGF, we update KGF Hit or Flop Report.
KGF is made with a budget of 80 Cr, the movie is expected t make around at Box office across Worldwide, Kannada, APTS in 2860 screens. Based on this, the Hit or Flop(HOF) score for this movie is undefined, hence the movie can be considered as an undefined.

What is YouDem Hit or Flop Score(HOFS)?

HOFS stands for Hit or Flop Score for KGF. HOF Score is equal to Total Collection / Budget. We also consider the fact that there are distribution and financing costs involved up to 30% of the Production Cost. Below we are providing the scale based on which we have calculated that KGF is undefined.

  • HOFScore < 1.3 – Means The movie is a Flop
  • HOFScore between 1.3 and 1.8 – Means The movie is an Average Success
  • HOFScore between 1.9 and 2.5 – Means The movie is a Hit Movie
  • HOFScore greater than 2.5 – Means The movie is a Super Hit Movie

KGF Story, Review, Rating, Wiki

K.G.F Official trailer released on 9 November 2018 by Hombale films. The trailer reached on 19 M people. In this trailer shows the elements of Yash Mannerism and actions scenes to hipe the movie attract the audience to watch the movie in theatres.

Rocky, a young man, seeks to acquire power and wealth, to fulfill a promise made to his dying mother. Later, he finds not only wealth and power but also something more meaningful, respect.

Fabulous work done by Prashant need,we can’t get bored while watching this movie! The screenplay, Bgm, cinematography amazing! Big thanks for Ravi Basruru. Bhuvan Gowda and rest of the crew 😆 Yash brilliant as “Rocky “and rest of the actors Who are deadly villains and story about a boy(Yash) who loses his mother in very childhood and become orphan, and raised in Bombay’s 1960’s mafia world! On the other hand, a popular gold Mafia which is owned by an evil landlord Suryavardhana and his demonic son Garuda who are owners of gold fields of Kolar! And they supported by 4 partners for its long run and stability

KGF Rating

  • IMDB = 8.3/10;
  • Times of India = 3.5/5.


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