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Kashinath Hathwar is an Indian filmmaker and actor who works in Kannada films. Other than Kannada films, he also worked in Hindi, Malayalam Movies. He has a career Spanning over three decades. In this post, you will find the details about Kashinath Biography, Movies, Wife, Age, Family, Death, Social Media Accounts.

Kashinath Biography

Kashinath is an Indian actor, and filmmaker. He was born on 8 May 1951 into a middle-class Kannada Brahmin family in Markod, a village that is near Kundapura. He predominantly worked in Kannada films and also worked in Hindi and Malayalam Languages.


His father G. Vasudeva Rao was a businessman and a trader. Saraswathi is his mother and she is a homemaker.

He introduced many new talented actors like Upendra. He made his debut film Aparoopada Athithigalu in the direction side, which is a comedy-drama film in 1976.

And he made his acting debut film Anubhava, which is a successful film in 1984. He did his graduation in  Bangalore. During his graduation days, he made a short film called Slip between 1971-1972. This encouraged him to join himself in filmmaking troupe called “Aseema” along with contemporary filmmaker-actor.

Kashinath’s Movies

He stepped in the direction department with his debut movie Aparoopada Athithigalu in 1976, which is a comedy-drama film. his acting debut film Anubhava, which is a successful film in 1984.

Avale Nanna Hendthi is the film which is remade in the Hindi as Jawani Zindabad in 1997 starring Aamir Khan and Farah. The 1980s Decade is called as kashinath’s yuga in the Kannada film industry. Because all the hit films given by him are in the 1980s.

He made many hit films with superstar Upendra as his Assistent-director.

Kashinath’s Family

Father and Mother

His father G. Vasudeva Raois his father and who was a businessman and a trader. Saraswathi is his mother and she is a normal housewife.

Brothers And Sisters

Kashinath was the second son of his parents and his elder brother Sathyanarayana and his younger brothers are Dattatreya, Ravi, and Umapathi along with his younger sister Gayathri.


Kashinath wife is Chandraprabha.

Kashinath’s Death

On 18 January 2018, Kashinath was died due to Cancer in Bangalore Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital.

Connect with Kashinath

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Twitter is a popular social media mainly opted by celebrities for a professional talk. On Twitter, you can retweet the tweet or comment and start interacting with personalities. Kashinaths Twitter Account has more than 4695 followers.

Kashinath’s one of the recent tweets

Kashinath’s Facebook

You can stay connected with Kashinath’s Facebook Page. Get the latest news from your star directly on your feed on Facebook.

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