Kannada Movies Releasing In March 2019


In 2019. the Indian movie industry did launch some great movies. In spite of the language barrier, every movie industry in India is doing pretty well. All these movies are either running in theater or will be available to watch online on legal streaming sites. Here we will check the list of Kannada Movies Releasing In March 2019.

kannada Movies releasing in March 2019

Kannada Movies Releasing In March 2019


The Story of Butterfly reads, Parvati a sheltered under-confident girl from Gokarna, a small town in Karnataka, is dumped a day before her wedding. Shocked, she decides to go ahead with her honeymoon, alone. As she travels the world and meets new people, she gains new experiences and discovers her own identity. Click on the following link to watch and enjoy movie Butterfly now.

Badri vs Madhumati

Badri v/s Madhumathi is a Kannada Movie directed by Shankar Narayana Reddy. Though the film rotates around the lead roles, Akanksha Gandhi and Aravind Bolar. Badri appears as a Military man who begins to look all starry eyed at Madhumathi. When he was going to express his affection to Madhumathi he gets a call for stopping the Surgical Strike. Here at this place, we will provide the details of watching the movie now. Click here Badri vs Madhumati

Nannu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia

Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia is a Kannada film featuring the ongoing assault scenes and the Mafia of India. This movie grandstands the account of a Mafia who captures young ladies and executes them. Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia movie additionally features how innovation has turned out to be one noteworthy wellspring of Crime. This film demonstrates the best approach to the battle against the wrongdoing in India. Watch and enjoy the movie now by clicking the following link Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face is a Kannada crime thriller sentimental film directed by Sandeep Janardan. The picture revolves around 3 characters Santosh, Sneha, and Preethi. Because of one episode, their life changes and get them into a great deal of inconvenience. Its a voyage of Santosh battling with the general public to recover her adoration. Click on the following link to watch and enjoy the movie Face 2 Face


Girgitle is an upcoming Kannada movie scheduled to be released on 15 Mar 2019. The movie is directed by Ravi Kiran and will feature Chandra Shekar, Srinagara Kitty, Rangayana Raghu, and Kote Prabhakar as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Girgitle are Satya Prakash, Raghava Uday, Pradeep Raj, and Petrol Prasanna. Watch and enjoy the movie here at this place. Click on the following link to watch the movie Girgitle.

Dk Bose

DK Bose is a 2019 Kannada picture which is a Love story show picture. This movie is about a nearby criminal known to bet for copy jewels. Everything was fine in DK’s life until he becomes hopelessly enamored, yet that does not work for quite a while. This picture exhibits the anecdote around 3 companions engaged with an equivalent organization in wrongdoing. Amid one of his phony arrangements, they come into a gigantic inconvenience that completely changes them. Watch and enjoy the movie Dk Bose now by clicking the following link, Dk Bose.

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi is S.Bharat Navunda which is based on a horror story. This movie is about  Pradeep Varma and Suresh Heblikar along with their friends choose a villa to stay. Unaware of the paranormal activity, everyone starts getting murdered by the ghost. Now, this is their journey to get out of the villa and save their life. Watch and enjoy the movie now by clicking on the following link Adachanegaagi Kshamisi


Chanaksha is an action drama Kannada movie directed by Rajasekhar. This movie is about Shiva Rudraiah is known for his helping nature. No matter how good he is with people, gets into trouble. The twist of the story is that Shiva is in the village to avenge his fathers’ death. We will provide the details of watching the movie Chanaksha. Click on the following link to watch and enjoy the movie Chanaksha

D/O Parvathamma

Actress Haripriya who is one of the most wanted actresses of Kannada film industry has signed her 25th film called D/O Parvathamma. Haripriya’s new film stars Sumalatha, Tara and others and Sumalatha Ambarish will be seen in the role of Parvathamma in the film. Haripriya plays the role of an investigating officer in this thriller. Watch and enjoy the movie now by clicking on the following link D/O Parvathamma

Ravi History

Ravi History is a Kannada Movie directed by Asdhu Chandra and produced by Karthik Chandra. The film is about a person who aspires to become a hero, but his parents want him to complete his education. How he pursues his passion and the ups and downs in his journey forms the plot. By clicking on the following link you can able to watch and enjoy the movie, Ravi History

Londonalli Lambodhara

Londonalli Lambodhara is a Kannada movie. An indolent guy Lambodara who always relied on astrological beliefs rather than effort ends up going to London leaving behind his family and his childhood love Rashmi. In London, he faces lots of challenges and hurdles and everything he ever believed in is put to test. We will provide a link to watch and enjoy the movie Londonalli Lambodhara. Click here


Panchatantra movie is a Kannada romantic comedy entertainer directed by Yogaraj Bhat while the music was composed by V Harikrishna. Vihan Gowda and Akshara are playing the main lead roles in this movie. V. Harikrishna has scored the soundtrack and score for the film making his 7th collaboration with director Yogaraj Bhat. Watch and enjoy the Panchatantra full movie by clicking the following link Panchatantra


The dubbed version has been titled as Jaga Malla and it stars Ajith and Nayanthara as the lead roles. Jaga Malla is a rural drama in which Thala Ajith shines as the darling of mass!  The movie portrays a village story with a gist of action, comedy, and romance. The movie has turned out to be the highest grosser in Ajith’s film career. Jagamalla full movie is now available here, Watch and enjoy the movie by clicking the following link Jagamalla



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