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Many of our audience is very much interested in knowing the box office performance of Kaala, which is released on 06 June 2018. Below in this article, you can find Kaala Box Office Collection and Kaala Hit or Flop report.

kalla Box Office Collection

Kaala is a 2018 Tamil language action drama movie directed by Pa. Ranjith and produced by Dhanush. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Rajinikanth, Huma Qureshi, while the supporting cast includes Nana Patekar, Eswari Rao. The movie is released on 06 June 2018 across Worldwide, TN with 700 screens

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Ranjith
  • Starring:
    •  Rajinikanth,
    • Huma Qureshi,
    • Nana Patekar,
    • Eswari Rao
  • Producers: Dhanush
  • Release Date: 06 June 2018
  • Budget: 159.56 Cr

Kaala has received great response from the audience. It can be one of the most successful movies for Rajinikanth, Huma Qureshi, Pa. Ranjith, and Dhanush.

Kaala Worldwide Box Office Collection

1st Day Collection₹40Cr
2nd Day Collection₹29Cr
3rd Day Collection₹31Cr
4th Day Collection₹31Cr
5th Day Collection₹18Cr
6th Day Collection₹10Cr
7th Day Collection₹7Cr
8th Day Collection₹5Cr
9th Day Collection₹8Cr
10th Day Collection₹6Cr
Total Collection₹168.00Cr

Kaala Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection

As a movie of Rajnikanth, there will be more expectations for the movie but Kaala didn’t reach them. It ended up as a Flop movie also a disaster in Rajnikanth’s career. By looking into the weekday collection of 124 crores in Tamil Nadu which is less than the production budget of 160 crores Kaala movie stood as a Flop. Check out the below list of Day-wise collections of Kaala movie.

1st Day Collection₹28Cr
2nd Day Collection₹14.7Cr
3rd Day Collection₹21.7Cr
4th Day Collection₹21.7Cr
5th Day Collection₹12.6Cr
6th Day Collection₹7Cr
7th Day Collection₹4.9Cr
8th Day Collection₹3.5Cr
9th Day Collection₹5.6Cr
10th Day Collection₹4.2Cr
Total Collection₹123.90Cr

Kaala Hit or Flop?

Note: This Kaala Hit or Flop analysis is based on our prediction of Kaala at Box Office, as soon as the Box Office Collections are available for Kaala, we update Kaala Hit or Flop Report.
Kaala is made with a budget of 159.56 Cr, the movie is expected t make around at Box office across Worldwide, TN in 700 screens. Based on this, the Hit or Flop(HOF) score for this movie is undefined, hence the movie can be considered as an undefined.

What is YouDem Hit or Flop Score(HOFS)?

HOFS stands for Hit or Flop Score for Kaala. HOF Score is equal to Total Collection / Budget. We also consider the fact that there are distribution and financing costs involved up to 30% of the Production Cost. Below we are providing the scale based on which we have calculated that Kaala is undefined.

  • HOFScore < 1.3 – Means The movie is a Flop
  • HOFScore between 1.3 and 1.8 – Means The movie is an Average Success
  • HOFScore between 1.9 and 2.5 – Means The movie is a Hit Movie
  • HOFScore greater than 2.5 – Means The movie is a Super Hit Movie

Kaala Story, Review, Rating, Wiki

Wunderbar Studios released the trailer of Kaala movie on 28 May 2018. It reached the mark of 13 million views till now. Action scenes and Rajnikanth’s style increased the expectations for the movie. Click on the above link to watch and enjoy the trailer.

Union minister Haridev, who was previously a gangster and carried out many attacks in Dharavi, tries to move the people and seize their land. Kaala, the leader of Dharavi, fights against Haridev to protect the area and his people. Hari Dhadha attempted many times to kill Kaala so that he can take control of that area. During this process, Kaala’s wife and older son get murdered instead of Kaala. To take revenge on Haridev and protect the people of Dharavi, Kaala decides to fight him.

If anyone is interested in seeing the 1990s Rajnikanth then this movie is fit for them. The climax is the main highlight of this movie. Kaala movie is against the beliefs of discrimination and also based on the real events happened in North India.

Kaala Rating

  • IMDB = 6.9 / 10;
  • Times of India = 3.7 / 5


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