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Jaswinder Singh Bhalla is an Indian actor and comedian in the Punjabi cinema. He is also an academic staff at the Punjab Agricultural University. He works primarily in the Pollywood Industry. In this post, we will cover Jaswinder Bhalla Biography, Movies, Connect.

Jaswinder Bhalla Biography

Jaswinder Bhalla is an Indian film actor, who dominantly works in the Pollywood cinema. The actor made his debut in the movie Dulla Bhatti, directed by Minar Malhotra. The movie received positive reviews. Jaswinder Bhalla started growing as an actor.

Jaswinder Bhalla is one of the most important movies in his career. The movie earned a lot of money at the Box Office Collection. There are a few more movies which helped Jaswinder Bhalla becoming an established actor.

Jaswinder Bhalla did his Ph.D. in Science from Punjab Agricultural University and is a full-time professor at PAU as well.

Jaswinder Bhalla Age

Jaswinder Bhalla was born on 4 May 1960 in the town of Doraha, Ludhiana.

Jaswinder Bhalla Family

Jaswinder Bhalla has a small family. Jaswinder Bhalla Father name is Bahadur Singh Bhalla, mother name is Satwant Kaur. The couple has 1 son and 1 daughter namely Pukhraj Bhalla and Arshpreet Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla Wife

Parmdeep Bhalla is the wife of Jaswinder Bhalla is a Fine Arts teacher.

Jaswinder Bhalla Movies

Jaswinder Bhalla is a talented actor and has shown his talent in many movies. He has acted in many comedy hit movies in the past. We are listing the Jaswinder Bhalla which are in our top 10.

Jaswinder Bhalla’s Top 10 Hit Movies

  1. Carry On Jatta (2012)
  2. Power Cut (2012)
  3. Mr. & Mrs. 420 (2014)
  4. Oh My Pyo (2014)
  5. Jatt & Juliet (2012)
  6. Yaaran Da Katchup (2014)
  7. Mel Karade Rabba (2010)
  8.  Jihne Mera Dil Luteya (2011)
  9. Jatt & Juliet 2 (2013)
  10. Mahaul Theek Hai (1999)

Jaswinder Bhalla’s Upcoming New Movies

  • Jind Jaan

Connect with Jaswinder Bhalla

In the modern world, people are connecting with celebrities and superstars on Social Media. It is very important for a celebrity to maintain social media accounts as it keeps them in contact with the fans. Here are some top social media accounts to Connect With Jaswinder Bhalla.

Jaswinder Bhalla Twitter

Twitter is most using social media by celebrities and businessman, Jaswinder Bhalla is on Twitter to stay in contact with the audience which is his fans.

Jaswinder Bhalla Facebook

Jaswinder Bhalla is also on Facebook and has a good fan following. Now you can get the latest feeds from Jaswinder Bhalla directly to your timeline on Facebook.





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