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James Bond 24 was released last year in the name of Spectre. And Daniel Craig played a lead role in the movie. For the past decade, Daniel Craig is part of the James Bond series and it’s going good too. If he is acting in this film this will be his 11th year in the bond series. And the next upcoming part of the Bond series is the 25th film of Bond series. Isn’t so exciting to hear. Yes, the production crew started to begin post-production works for the film. James Bond 25 title.

James Bond 25 Movies Detail

James Bond 25 title

We all know that this film was taken on the basis of the film series created by Ian Fleming. There are 28 episodes written by Fleming. If the director plans to use the titles of Fleming he only has 4 options because all 24 titles were used in previous parts.

The remaining titles in the slot are

  • Property of Lady
  • Risico
  • The Hildebrand Rarity
  • Agent 007 in New York

James Bond 25 release date

As far as we know most of the James Bond film will be released in the month of October since the last four parts of the James Bond series has been released in the month of October. The film might be released in October 2018. But exact dates are still officially unknown. James Bond’s 25th title

James Bond 25 cast crew

As far as only the writers of this Movie are officially announced. The writers signed up for bond 25 are Neil Purvis and Robert Wade. Also, Daniel Craig will be part of the crew if he accepts the directors choice. The other available choices are Naomi Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Rory Kinnear. James Bond 25 title.

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