Interesting Tech Gadgets that Businesses are Using in 2020

Interesting Tech Gadgets that Businesses are Using in 2020
Interesting Tech Gadgets that Businesses are Using in 2020

As technology advances, businesses are starting to use these gadgets to their advantage as much as possible. These gadgets are interesting since not all of them are used for their original purpose. The likes of drones and virtual reality headsets have previously been known within the gaming industry, but they do have other exciting uses too. In 2020, the technology people are using is better than ever before, not only are they more advanced but they’re also being made use of too. below in this article, we will cover the Interesting Tech Gadgets that Businesses are Using in 2020.

We have a list of some of the most innovative tech trends and pieces that you’re sure to love. Who knows? If you have a business yourself, you may want to utilise these tools!


Drones are typically known for their ability to record high-quality video and take photos while also flying in the sky. They’re able to do so when controlled by a system and individuals controlling the drone can see a clear view of what the drone is seeing too, giving them the ability to take photos and videos from angles they have never been able to before. An example of how a business is utilising drones to their advantage is a property investment company, RWinvest. They regularly use drones in their constructions updates footage to show the investors and potential clients the property update and how to construction is getting along. 

Another way that drones are innovatively being used is for delivery. A trial from Amazon in America displayed how easy it was to get deliveries to homes in rural areas through automation. This type of drone technology is potentially life-changing for people who live in the suburbs or out of cities. Despite not fully implementing its drone delivery scheme, Amazon has still shown the potential for drones in the future and going beyond 2020.

Virtual Reality

Initially known in the gaming world, Virtual Reality (VR) is now more commonly used in the business and start-up sectors. VR is used for marketing, customer experience and training. A huge retailer in America, Walmart, used VR technology in 2018 before the big Black Friday sales to train their employees on how to work during the rush of customers and what to do in an emergency. This innovative way to train and recruit employees has also been implemented by many other companies too. The likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei regularly use VR in their offices across the globe for both professional and personal use. 

The release of the PlayStation VR had customers running around in circles with excitement as the much loved VR experience became more mainstream and affordable. Before this, VR has always been considered an expensive piece of tech and couldn’t be used by your average Joe. In fact, now it’s more popular than ever! Businesses are utilising the more affordable options that have been released since the PlayStation model and find them to be a great piece of tech added to their business assets.

Mobile Credit Card Reader

Before this wonderful piece of technology arrived, many independent businesses and stores couldn’t afford a typical card reader that was the one choice available a few years ago. Instead, they can now take advantage of mobile card readers that work just as well and are portable. Simply connect the card machine to your mobile phone or tablet through Bluetooth, open the corresponding app that operates the card machine and customers can either insert and enter their pin or tap the card like a normal machine. The availability of these innovative mobile credit card readers has made card payments much more accessible to companies who couldn’t afford it before. These readers have a small upfront fee of between £19 to £69, but they’re all great at processing payments and making your business life a lot easier.