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Indrans original name is Surendran Kochuvelu who works predominantly in the Malayalam film industry. He is an Indian film actor, former and costume designer. In this post, we will cover Indrans Biography, Movies, e.t.c

Indrans Biography 

Indrans is a Malayalam Actor who mainly appears in comedy roles, as an actor he completed 800 Movies in the Malayalam industry. The actor made his debut in 1981 with the film Choothattam and he was the costume designer too for this movie.

Indrans acted in the Kathavasheshan film in the year 2004 in the character of a thief and was recognized with his role. He won the Kerala State Film Award – Special Mention for his performance in the 2014 film Apothecary. In 2018, he won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in the 2017 film Aalorukkam.

He did his schooling at Government Higher Secondary school, Kumarapuram till fourth grade. Further, he was working in Film Field and completed his post-graduation (M.Sc.)in Microbiology. After completing his education he used to work as a tailor with his uncle.


Indrans was born in 1956. he was second among the seven children of Palavila Kochuvelu and Gomathi at Kumarapuram, Thiruvananthapuram. He has four sisters and two brothers.


He was married to Santhakumari on 23 February 1985. They have a daughter and a son.

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Top Movies

  • choothaattam
  • vallam
  • Maalayogam
  • kaazhchaykkappuram
  • Aagneyam
  • vaardhakyapuraanam
  • street
  • Radholsavam
  • Kokkarkko
  • Avittam Thirunaal arogya Sreem

Upcoming Movies

  • Kannadi Talkies
  • Buddhan chirikunnu
  • Apaara Sundara Neelakasham
  • Gaulthayile kozhipporu
  • Red signal

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