How To Fix Mobile Network Issue – Mobile Network Not Available


Fix Mobile Network Issue

Firstly, the normal causes could be behind this error is low signal strength, you’re in roaming, Android device network settings issues. Nevertheless, whatever the cause behind this error, In this article I am going to tell you some working methods to get rid of this error. Whereas, if any method works for you then feel free to comment. If your mobile network is not available then there are many reasons for that. Most of the people don’t know much about these ways and end up wasting lots of money. In fact, these step you can do it yourself at home by following the below simple steps. In this article, you will find details about how to fix mobile network issue on your smartphone.

How To Fix Mobile Network Issue

If you find this problem of the mobile network issue then you can follow the below steps. Below, we will cover some best ways like.

  • Automatically choose preferred Network
  • Disable Network (On/Off)
  • Check SIM card & Slot
  • Backup & Factory Reset Device

Automatically choose preferred Network

Firstly, sometimes it happens that you choose the preferred network manually and your signal is weak or down. Whereas, it leads to Mobe Network Not Available error. However, you can fix it by enabling Choose Automatically option.

Automatic preferred network Steps to Follow

  • Step1: Go to Settings > SIM & network settings.
  • Step2: Tap on SIM operator name choose the sim which is creating the error.
  • Step3: Then click on Network operators.
  • Step4: enable “choose automatically” option.

Choose preferred network type Steps to Follow

Secondly, if the automatic choose network option not able to solve this Error. then you can perform this action of choosing the preferred network.

  • Step1: Go to Settings > SIM & network settings.
  • Step2: Tap on SIM operator name choose the sim which is creating the error.
  • Step3: Tap on Preferred network type.
  • Step4: Select the preferred network (2G/3G/4G) option which suits you better.

Disable Network (On/Off)

Secondly, if the choose preferred Network doesn’t work with your phone then you can go to this option. Whereas this is also a simple option that you can perform by your self.

Disable Network using Airplane Mode

  • Step1: Go to settings > more > Turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Step2: Now your mobile networks and WiFi will get disabled.
  • Step3: Wait for at least a minute, and then turn off airplane mode.
  • Step4: After a few seconds you can turn off the airplane mode.

Deactivate & Activate SIM card

Step1: Open Settings > Go to SIM & network.
Step2: Tap on the SIM that is showing network unavailable Error.
Step3: Tap on the button above the SIM name to deactivate the SIM card.
Step4: After a minute, Tap on the same button to activate the SIM card.

Check SIM card & Slot

Thirdly, none of the above network settings is working on your device. Then there could be some possible reasons behind the Mobile Network Not Available Error.

Step1: Switch off your device and then remove the SIM Card.
Step2: Now wait for few minutes and then re-insert the SIM card and start Device.

Backup & Factory Reset Device

Lastly, if all the ways and steps didn’t work then the last option is Backup & Factory Reset Device. Often it happens due to some reason the issue does not fix. However, the last thing you can do is Factory Reset your device. Whereas, factory reset will Erase your all device data and bring the phone at the initial state. So, first, you make sure to make the back of the phone before the factory setting the device.

Step1: After creating a whole device backup.
Step2: Now go to settings.
Step3: Backup & reset.
Step4: Factory data reset.

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