How To Fix Cellular Data Problem On Android


How To Fix Cellular Data Problem

Mostly, it happens with you that your cellular data stops working all of a sudden. Well, there is no need of worrying. Whereas, there could be various reasons why your mobile data has stopped working like incorrect APN, incorrect network selection, etc. Whereas, keep reading to not only know what can cause this problem but most importantly, how you can fix when your mobile data stops working. In this article, you will find details about how to fix the Cellular data Problem on Android.

How To Fix Cellular Data Problem On Android

Airplane Mode

First of all, the thing that you can do to resolve the lost data connection on your Android smartphone while on cellular mode is turning on the Airplane mode for some time and then again turn it off. This will just disconnect you from the cellular network provider for some time and then again make the request for the connection right from the beginning on the servers.

Reset the APN

Firstly, your APN (Access Point Name)is the way in which your phone connects with your mobile carrier’s network. Whereas thinking of it as a WiFi password for mobile data, but much more complicated, with IP settings, gateway details, and more.

Whereas, access any variation of the menu you have and look for Access Point Names. There are many ways of getting to the APN settings, but generally, they are under the ‘Mobile Data’, ‘Wireless Controls’, or ‘Wireless & Networks’ sections. Click the menu icon and select ‘Reset to defaults’.

Re-Insert Your SIM Card

This is another ways that you can try if your cellular data is not working. Some will certainly reference of tips like “reboot your phone” and “eliminate and also return your SIM card,” however these ought to always be the very first port of telephone calls when trying to take care of mobile data problems. Whereas, an additional option is to check your phone with an additional SIM card to see if the concern originates in the phone or the card.

Reset network settings

If none of the options above work, it may mean some extraneous setting was changed along the way. Whereas, it is associated with the network, so resetting your network settings to factory defaults might just fix the issue.

Additionally, just go to your Settings app and find the ‘Backup and reset’ section. Select ‘Reset network settings’ and follow instructions.

Factory data reset

If any of the options don’t work then go ahead and perform a factory data reset. This will erase everything on your phone and bring all settings to factory defaults. Whereas, your phone will be left like the first time you turned it on.

It is the best solution to many issues, but it should be used as a last resort. In fact, factory resetting fixes pretty much any software issue you may encounter. Whereas, due to the inconveniences deleting all data entails.

As with many other processes, performing a factory data reset is different from almost every phone. You will need to do some research to get step-by-step instructions.

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