How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder And Change Screenshot Folder


How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Firstly, if you are a PC gamer, then you know about Steam. Whereas, with Steam, you can buy your favorite games, and get stay updated with Game Updates. I usually don’t use Steam, but recently I have started using it. Because, I want to play the most famous game of this year, that is PUBG. Or maybe you know this game with “Player’s unknown battleground” Game. I want to share my winning with my facebook friends. So, I decided to take a screenshot using the F12 key. Nevertheless, we were unable to find out the steam screenshot folder. Whereas, after a bit of searching, finally, I found that folder. In this article, you will find details about How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder And Change Screenshot Folder.

How to capture the screenshot in any Steam Game?

Firstly, we have already mentioned in the above paragraph. Whereas, by default steam allows taking the screenshot using the F12 key. But, still many users are complaining that they aren’t able to take the screenshot. And, that could be the reason, why you’re not able to find steam screenshot folder. In fact, the folder will create only after you take your first screenshot.

Secondly, if you’re using a laptop to play Steam Games, then the F12 key will turn on airplane mode. But, if you want to take the screenshot, not want to turn on or off airplane mode. Then you need to press the F12 key with the Fn key.

How To Change Screenshot shortcut key

If you’re not able to take the screenshot using the F12 key. Whereas, here is a small guide to change the screenshot short key.

  • Step1: First, Open Steam software in your Computer. Whereas, from the menu, click on the “view” button. Just follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Step2: From the drop-down menu click on settings.
  • Step3: From the drop-down menu click on settings.
  • Step4: Here you can see the default screenshot short key. Which is currently set F12.
  • Step5: To change it click on the “X” icon and then edit the new shortcut key.
  • Step6: Press any function key with Fn.

How To Access Screenshot Folder

Steam comes with “Screenshot Manager”. Additionally, you don’t need to manually look for “Steam Screenshot Folder”. Whereas, with screenshot manager, you can open the folder easily with one click.

  • Step1: To open “screenshot manager”, Click on view button in Steam.
  • Step2: Then click on “screenshots” option.
  • Step3: Screenshot uploader of Steam, allows you to check any specific game screenshots.
  • Step4: Also, you can check recently taken screenshots.
  • Step5: To access Screenshot folder of your Steam Game.
  • Step6: First Select game from the drop-down menu, and then click on “Show on Disk”.

How To Change Screenshot Folder

Although, I don’t suggest you change Screenshot folder. Nevertheless, if you think, it’s complicated to find out the steam game screenshot folder. Then follow this small guide to change the screenshot folder of Steam.

  • Step1: First, Open steam settings, by going into the view menu.
  • Step2: Instantly, move into in-game settings, and you will find the Screenshot Folder option.
  • Step3: Which appears just below the shortcut key of the screenshot.
  • Step4: By using the drop-down menu, you can select the drive.
  • Step5: After that, you can select the new screenshot folder path. And, can create the Screenshot folder.
  • Step6: After selecting the new path, click on the “Select” option. And, Steam Screenshot folder will get changed.

By following these steps you will be able to know how to access the Steam screenshot folder. If you have any queries or any other ways that you would like to mention then you can drop it in the comment section below. Also, here you will find details about the latest movies, technology news, and updates, that you can see if you are interested.