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Biggest Box Office Hit and Flop of 2017

Every movie lovers would love to know the results of the box office report of their favorite movie in this post we give each and every information about the Box Office hits and flops of 2017. And also whether the movie is hit or flop and their budget and the collection report too.

Bollywood box office hits and flops of 2017

moviebudgetbox office collection worldwideHit or flop
Raees 92CR347CRHit
Jolly llb 230CR196CRHit
Rangoon 80CR50CRFlop
Ok jaanu27CR44CRFlop
Haram khor4CR7CRFlop
Running shadi.com1.5CR1CRBig flop
Ghazi attack45CR106CRAverage
Commando 226CR22CRFlop
Badrinath ki dulhania28.5CR62CRhit


From the above report, we can conclude that shah rukh khan and Hrithik always gives box office hit films. And Akshay no words a box office hero. But most expected films like ok Jaanu and Rangoon were one of the biggest box office flops.

Hollywood box office hits and flop of 2017

MovieBudgetBox office collection worldwideHit or flop
Xxx: the return of Xander cage102CR395CRHit
Kung fu yoga85CR165CRAverage
Fifty shades darker102CR246CRHit
Lego: the batman movie92CR181CRAverage
john wick 2100CR107CRFlop
Logan 75CR288CRHuge hit
King kong: skull island 90CR110CRAverage


This is the box office report of all the Hollywood movies released in 2017. Logan starring Hugh Jackman and xxx starring Vin Diesel are the current hits of 2017. And the above box office collection of Logan is the report of the first 10 days and we may expect more in box office collection at the end of the month. John Wick: Chapter 2 is the flop movie of 2017 because of its poor box office collections. Kung Fu yoga gives a decent box office collection because of the famous martial arts star Jackie Chan. box office hits and flops of 2017.

Kollywood box office hits and flops of 2017

MovieTotal box officeHit or flop
Koditta Idangalai Nirapugga15CRflop
Adhe Kangal6CRflop
Ennaku Vaitha Adimaigal9CRaverage
Singam 3127CRhit
Ennodu Vilayadu4CRflop
Baasha4CRAverage( release )
Kuttram 2326CRhit
Motta shiva Ketta shiva9CRflop

We all know that Kollywood also contains some big heroes like superstar Rajinikanth, Vijay, Ajith Kumar, Suriya. Even Kollywood has given bigger box office hits in the cinema industry like Enthiran, Thuppaki, Veda lam,…box office hit and flops of 2017.


  1. Motta shiva Ketta shiva box office Collection just got 9 Cr. Really man! its doesn’t even reached 10 Crs. Hollywood should stop making movie like this

  2. I m shocked that kung fu yoga Has rated as Average movie but its box office Collection is pretty impressive it has crossed 100 cr.

  3. I just checked Ghazi Attack Box Office Collection and found They earn 106CR it’s really impressive Coz it’s an hidden story of an old war between two countries About which know one doesn’t knows anything but this movie just get average ratings hope indian movie industries will work on this kinda stories more

  4. Kabil box office collection is impressive coz An movie with 35 cr. budget enters in 350 cr. club Hritik Never fails to impress us

  5. Rangoon Box office Collection is really funny coz they waste 80 Cr to make a movie and what they got in return 50 Cr🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmao

  6. once again marvels superhero make a record Logan box office Collection is 288 cr not as better as expected but it’s also good after all it’s a A rated movie


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