Using HDMI capture card for troubleshooting in AV systems


It’s a great idea to pick up a cheap HDMI capture card from and carry it in your equipment bag. It can help you do much more troubleshooting than ever before.

For example, there might be situations where you’ve got a matrix tucked away – perhaps in another room or a different floor altogether. The display might be there. Instead of doing a lot of back and forth, it’s better to use your existing device (such as your laptop) to monitor the display output.

HDMI capture card

The obstacles include the HDCP getting whacky. It largely depends on the rest of your equipment, frankly. If you do face HDCP issues, it’s recommended to go for a 1×2 HDMI splitter to get rid of it. They are pretty cheap at around $15-25 off Amazon.

Other solutions to the same problem of the to and fro can include battery-operated monitors with multiple inputs, HDMI to USB Cam Link dongles, and so on.

Affordability is key here. No matter which equipment fits the bill for you, always try to cut the costs because a. there is high-quality equipment available for cheap, and b. it’s coming out of your own pockets.

Pro tip

You should note that a professional AV control solutions service will be well-equipped to handle such requirements. Just in case you’re a manager looking for a solution instead of the IT department, AV designer, or the network engineer – you might want to get professional AV control solutions instead.

For example, professional AV control solutions from are one such service. As they are professionals, they will be able to provide you with a solution to your problem – no matter how technical or niche.

Sometimes it’s indeed better to hire a professional AV control solutions provider instead of hiring AV systems designers or additional network engineers. This is even more true if your requirements are temporary, short-term, or one-time only.