Top Grossing Gujarati Movie Box Office Collections – The Best Movies You Should Watch


Gujarati Movie Box Office Collections

Gujarati Movie Industry which is also known as Gollywood or Dhollywood is also one of the leading movie industry in India. Since 2014, Gujarati movie Industry has grown over 600% and the craze for this industry is growing. This growth is clearly seen in the Top Grossing Gujarati Movie Box Office Collections.

Gujarati movies have also taken growth in the International market, but not as good as Bollywood. Let’s see Gujarati Movies Box Office Collections report.

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Top Grossing Gujarati Movies by Box Office Collections – Since 2014

MovieRelease DateTotal Collections
Shu Thayu24th Aug 201821 Cr
Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh199822 Cr
Chhelo Divas20th Nov 201518 Cr
Sharato Lagu25th Oct 201817.50 Cr
Gujjubhai the Great18th Sep 201515 Cr
GujjuBhai: Most Wanted23rd Feb 201810 Cr
Bey Yaar29th Aug 20148.50 Cr
Karasandas Pay & Use19th May 20178 Cr
I M A Gujju16th Nov 20184.5 Cr
Carry On Kesarn17th Feb 20173 Cr
Dunaiyadari17th Feb 20172.50 Cr
Lamboo Rastoo7th Sep 20182.5 Cr
Tari Maate Once More21st Sep 20182 Cr
Daud Pakad31st Aug 20181.5 Cr
20th November Chhelo Chance: What Went Wrong26th Mar 20181.2 Cr
Aa Chhe Aapni Dosti Unlimited Yaar28th Sep 20181 Cr
Toh Lagi Sharat1st Jan 20181 Cr
Oxygen11th May 20181.4 Lakhs


  1. I just checking a Info of random movie n just found Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh box office Collection its 22 cr. I just cant believe that an Gollywood movie from 1998 Earn this much

  2. Interesting Fact about Gollywood, Did you hear about Toh Lagi Sharat Box office Collection, it’s a 1st movie of 1st month of 2k18 earn 1 Cr. 🤣🤣 Lmao


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