The Foreigner movie review & Chinese box office collection


Jackie’s Chan action which is all set to release on worldwide on October has made a prerelease in China on Sep 30. Jackie Chan back to English movies after a long gap.

Synopsis: The film revolves an old man who was running the government for seeking justice for her Daughter’s death. His research has to lead him to the past buried conflicts between the terrorists and the British government.

The Foreigner China Box Office Collection And Review

The Foreigner Movie review

The most of the parts of the film were shot in the great Britan and some parts of Europe. Even though Jackie is aged his actions and stunts have never faded. He fights like young guys even at this age. We can Expect a Jackie as we Have seen in Kung fu Yoga which was the rare one to saw in screens. Martian Campell who was known for His great James Bond films like Casino Royale, Goldeneye has done Green later in 2011 is back to direction after a long gap of 6 years.

Jackie’s has been quite difficult for a person at his ages but he has done that with no struggles that what we call genuine of acting.

The appreciation must be given to the women who have done a role as Jackie Daughter.

Verdict: Credits for Jackie for choosing a juicy film like this and this is a must-watch recommendation from us.

Rating – 6.5/10

The foreigner Chinese box office collection

Since the movie was initially released in China and Singapore there will not be a huge collection and also tough competition will be given by Tom Cruise American Made who has some great fans around in the Asian and Chinese region. But as per our predictions, Jackie will be the winner.

The Foreigner Chinese box office collection – $ 2.3 million

The foreigner Singapore box office collection – $ 1 million

The foreigner vs American made – winner is The foreigner

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