Top 5 things we should know about Fermentation Process

Fermentation Process Services
Fermentation Process Services

The fermentation process is a valuable procedure for a community as many of its functions depend on it. Numerous organizations utilize the fermentation process to carry out simple tasks. Such organizations can be multimillion-dollar beer manufacturers or even a family-owned bakery local to the area they operate in. However, if the catalyst is not available for these companies to use, it can become a problem for them to continue their business. Fortunately for these business companies such as Biotech Resources provide the fermentation process development services and facilitates the needs of such organizations. 

Bio-Technical Resources was established in the late 50s to early 60s as a malt provider to the brewing industry in Wisconsin. The parent company of Bio-Technical Resources developed a laboratory equipped with the latest equipment and a well-educated research team. In the early 70s, the attention of the company shifted from malting and brewing to the production and improvement of the biotechnology being used in the manufacturing of foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Their scientists now use their technologies and the gathering of their research and development for strain development process development amongst other numerous services utilizing them for advising organizations on developmental strategies that benefit their technological and economic growth.     

By making use of the unique service catered to an organization’s specific needs and the information provided by the experts at Bio-Technical Resources, companies can be sure to maximize their yields and efficiency while illuminating completely the time taken to develop and experiment a process. The various services provided by Bio-Technical Resources include:

Strain development services:

strain development enhances the biological structure of the microorganisms allowing them to perform more efficiently. The biologists at Bio-Technical Resources have applied two main kinds of strain development processes successfully. Classical mutagenesis and advanced recombinant strain development. 

Protein expression services:

this process includes the modification of various proteins enabling them to excel in their performance. The various kinds of proteins Bio-Technical Resources have been working on include: Bacillus subtilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, E. Coli, Pichia pastoris, and Trichoderma. 

Fermentation development services:

the various examples of microorganisms that have been used by Bio-Technical Resources to develop the fermentation processes include bacteria, microalgae, yeast, and filamentous fungi. 

Integrated strain and process development services:

because Bio-Technical Resources are well equipped in providing both strain development services and process development services, if a company is looking for a customized process and strain for a unique project, Biotech is the solution as combining these two services will be the ideal situation for the efficiency of the organization’s manufacturing process.

Recovery and purification services:

if your requirement is the purification or recovery of already existing fermentation biomass, with their scales for protein purification spanning from grams to milligrams based on their client’s requirements, Bio-Technical Resources is well equipped in carrying out even the toughest downstream processes with ease. 

Analytic and biochemistry services:

Various biochemistry and analytic services are also provided by the company to meet all their client’s needs and provide them with a complete and satisfactory experience.

Therefore, whether you own a family-run bakery or a multinationally operating brewery, it is a wise choice to take advantage of the numerous services provided by Bio-Technical Resources. It is the best choice for an organization needing assistance with their fermentation processes as it will be beneficial for their economic growth in the future.