English Movies Releasing in April 2019


English Movies Releasing in April 2019


Shazam exudes a boyish spirit appropriate for a superhero origin story about a teenager who gets invested with powers far beyond his adolescent imagination. This latest DC adventure is, however, a mixed bag that does not quite work too jokey and too tonally erratic and yet there’s real sweetness, as well as a genuine attempt to not just be another comic-book movie. Click here for Shazam Full Movie Download

Fighting With My Family

Fightingwith My Family  is a fact-based dramedy about a wrestling family from Norwich, England. Based on the life of WWE superstar Paige, it centers on Raya (Florence Pugh) and her brother, Zak, who was raised by hard-living wrestler parents (Lena Headey, Nick Frost) and aspires to join the WWE. Click here for Fighting With My Family Full Movie Download


HellBoy is a SuperNatural Action English Movie. This is the 3rd part for HellBoy But not the sequel for 1st and 2nd part. This has a completely different story of HellBoy being Trapped between the Supernatural world and human world and A Sorcerer has come back for his revenge with the human. HellBoy and his team and Saves the day somehow that’s all about in this movie. Click here for HellBoy Full Movie Download

Avengers: Endgames

Avengers Endgame in the ending part for Avengers sequel, Where all the Avengers defeat the Ultimate Villain Thanos. Who has wiped out half of the Avengers and the human race. Remaining Avengers will fight back and has to bring back the remaining Avengers and Human race. Click here For Avengers Endgames full Movie Download

The Curse Of The Weeping Woman

The Curse Of The Weeping Woman is a Horror Hollywood movie. Directed by Michael Chaves a WarnerBros Movie starring Linda Cardellini, Raymond Crus and Tony Amendola. Where Linda Cardellini as Anna Garcia who plays mothers character in the movie. The Curse Of The Weeping Woman starts with a Ghost who behind the children of Anna and Anna struggles to save her children’s life from that Ghost. Click here for The Curse Of The Weeping Woman Full Movie Download

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